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Macbeth – Was Lady Macbeth Mainly To Blame For The Death Of Duncan?

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Macbeth - Was Lady Macbeth Mainly To Blame For The Death Of Duncan? Macbeth is the story of a tragic hero. Shakespeare had four tragic heroes, each with their own unique character flaw, which in the end brings down their power and causes eventual death. Macbeth's character flaw is his ambition, but it can also be said that the external forces, the witches could have been the cause of his rise and fall from power. The first time that we see the witches is in an open place in the middle of a storm, a time when most people would not leave their houses. This gives them a strangeness about them, which cannot be put into words, but whatever this is it makes you fear them. It seems as if they do not fear the elements, maybe as if they control the elements. This fact would scare even a modern day audience who believe that witches don't exist, but in Shakespeare's time when people were still being burnt at the stake this would have petrified them. Then when the witches speak they seem to talk in riddle, which each of them understands, like a code they use when speaking to each other. Through their riddling we hear that they are going to meet Macbeth in the heath: 'when the hurlyburly's done, when the battle's lost and won.' ...read more.


Macbeth's role throughout the play changes and it is uncertain even at the end if Macbeth was ever in any control of what he did. Right from the start his reaction to the predictions was not really one of shock or horror at the thought of what he had to do to become king. Macbeth and Banquo in act 1 had led the Scottish army to victory and even had to save one of the kings sons Malcolm from capture. So when Duncan is making his speech to announce the future king, Macbeth is expecting his name to be announced, but when Malcolm's name is said Macbeth is disgusted and quickly makes an excuse to leave. Macbeth is angry and jealous at the fact that Malcolm was being named 'Prince Of Cumberland' when he had to save Malcolm from capture. Macbeth knows that he will now have to do something to get Malcolm as well as Duncan out of his way. This may be one of the reasons that he later begins to doubt killing Duncan. The letter to Lady Macbeth seems pointless in everyway. Macbeth is on his way home and yet still writes a letter telling Lady Macbeth everything. The letter reveals more about Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship calling her his partner in greatest. ...read more.


After reading the letter at the start she herself says: 'Art not without ambition, but without the illness should attend it.' Lady Macbeth knows that Macbeth will not go through with the murder without someone telling him what and how to do it. Although Macbeth could not wait to tell Lady Macbeth about the witches' predictions it is likely that he would have soon forgotten about the predictions. After agreeing to murder Duncan Macbeth quickly changes his mind, but Lady Macbeth does not like this and repeatedly tells him he is a coward, that he is not a man and that he has gone against his word, who would not agree to do whatever this lady told them to do. It is likely that Macbeth is frightened of her. It mentions that they had a child that died; Macbeth may feel that the child's death was his own fault and he may see this as a way to make up for what happened. Macbeth can see that this is what Lady Macbeth wants and as he loves her he would do anything for her even kill. Lady Macbeth is the one who plans the murder; she is the one who prepares for the murder and also the one who persuades Macbeth to kill Duncan something he probably never would have done had it not been for her. By, Ashley Cairns. ...read more.

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