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Macbeth essay Macbeth is known as a Tragic Hero. This name given to him shows two important aspects of his character. Hero because he is first portrayed because he is a loyal warrior that fought for Scotland in Duncan's army and is rewarded by becoming the Thane of Cowdor. He has a strong conscience and moral awareness and knows what the consequences will be for his actions and he also tries to stop the murder because he knows it is wrong "We will proceed no further in this business." Even though he turns into a traitor and a murder as the play progresses, he still keeps some aspect of a hero like continuing to fight with courage and choosing and sticking to a path even the wrong one and not changing his mind even if it is his downfall. The word tragic, this name is given to Macbeth and shows his ambition which is the tool that drives him to murder, his wife Lady Macbeth would not have been able to persuade him to have committed the murder if it was not for his ambition, "I have no spur to prick the sides of my intent, but only vaulting ambition" this quote from Macbeth shows he knows he has great ambition but isn't sure if he can go so far as to murder to get what he wants. ...read more.


The last character he is compared with is his wife, Lady Macbeth. They are both ambitious, but her ambitions make her manipulative and dominate over Macbeth because she is the one that enforces the murder and attacks his manliness if he does not compile to her wishes. "What, quiet unmann'd in folly?" unlike Macbeth she does not think of the consequences and tries to suppress her guilt and even call on evil sprits to help her achieve this "Nor heaven peep through the blanket of the dark, to cry, hold, hold." As the play progresses they both drift apart and as she loses her confidence and begins to be over racked with guilt, Macbeth gains more confidence and becomes stronger and continues on with other murders and plots. So in a way they are like a 'set of scales' that they each balance each other out with their ambitions and motives one always has to be stronger than the other and they switch roles during the play. The imagery uses around Macbeth are predominantly clothes and blood. The clothing imagery is used first and usually is shown when talking about wealth or title. Macbeth asks when made the thane of Cowdor, "Why do you dress me in borrow'd robes?" he says this because the thane of Cowdor was still alive but was considered a traitor and was to be executed and this is a form of dramatic irony because Macbeth will eventually turn out to be a traitor to Duncan in the end. ...read more.


I respect his decision to choose a path and follow through with it even if it is the wrong one, but him realising what he did what he did what was wrong shows he still has what he had at the start of the play and that would be deep down he is still the hero and warrior that he was before the witches' and his uncontrollable ambitions. During the play peoples opinions change on him as the character himself changes and eventually becomes something that is corrupt and leads to his death but one thing that does stay the same is that he still fights for himself and what he set out to do and example of this would be at the end of the play he repeats the line "give me my armour" Macbeth knows what like is like and is determined to fight on and be a warrior "curses, not loud but deep, mouth-honour, breath which the poor heart would fain deny, and dare not." In the end Macbeth finally realises what Banquo did at the beginning that The Witches' deliberately tricked him but by then it is too late to do anything so he courageously carries on fighting, "And be these juggling fiends no more believ'd that the palter with us in a double sense" Odette McGuinness 12D ...read more.

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