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MACBETH Out of Shakespeare many plays Macbeth which was written in 1906-1606 is one of the best recognised plays around Britain and the world. Shakespeare mainly wrote three types of plays: * Comedy * Tragedy * History Macbeth is a blood thirsty tale of ambition and the evils we will go through to get what we want. Macbeth is the main character, who we see plot and kill in order to become King of Scotland. As soon as we see Macbeth's wishes fulfilled we gradually witness the world fall around him. Macbeth is an historical account especially published for King James the first, it was also rumoured that King James was a descended of Banquo. Throughout Macbeth witchcraft and black magic lingers in every scene, this is cleverly used by Shakespeare because during the Elizabethan era, people were extremely superstitious and really believed in witchcraft and black magic. Witchcraft and black magic also changes Macbeth's character a lot over the three scenes: * Approached by witches * Seeing of the dagger * Ghost of Banquo Macbeth is also considered unlucky to most actors, so they give Macbeth other play names like "The comedy of Glamis", "the Scottish play" or even "The play". Legend has it that an actor died on stage as well as many others. Macbeth has had so many interpretation over the years, for instance Macbeth has been filmed and adapted for the stage in so many ways that there has been a Nazi Germany version, Zulu Warriors and even a rock opera. ...read more.


By doing this Macbeth is summoning supernatural power himself. Macbeth longs for secrecy to hide the actions he's about to commit "hear not my steps, which way they walk for fear." This quote prove that Macbeth is forcing the prophecies to come true and not naturally, macbeth later on realises that he's actually talking not acting "whiles I threat, he lives; words to heart of deeds too cold breath gives." Macbeth sees this as a sign for continuation but forces himself to kill. Within the dagger scene there's a lot of reference to his senses, visions and Macbeth's character. Macbeth uses the reference to visions, the supernatural and death "And yet I would not sleep; merciful powers" and "That summons thee to heaven or hell." This call to the supernatural helps Macbeth commit murder. In the dagger scene we see that Macbeth character become more deceitful to close friends and impatient "I dreamed last night of the three sisters; to you they have showed some truth. I think not of them." The next major scene is when Lady Macbeth and Macbeth hold a banquet for the noblemen. Macbeth also hires an assassin to murder his close friend Banquo, so during the banquet the assassin enters telling him the news about Banquo's death and unexpectedly Fleance escape. Later on the ceremony Macbeth has vision of Banquo's ghost, Lady Macbeth tries to regain Macbeth sanity but fails, Macbeth is this then convinced he's going back to see the three witches. ...read more.


Another influence in Macbeth character is Lady Macbeth, she pushes Macbeth into murdering Duncan just become king, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth prematurely forces change instead of it becoming natural. Occurred changes in Macbeth's character From the beginning to the end of the play we see Macbeth's character transform. In the beginning of the play Macbeth is portrayed as a loyal, humble and popular figure to the king and other noblemen. As we read on from where Macbeth meets the witches we see a new dimension of Macbeth's character of being inpatient. Macbeth impatience and some persuasion from Lady Macbeth and supernatural events lead's him to kill the king. In the beginning of Act two Scene one Banquo; Macbeth's best friend who is loyal and caring to Macbeth is concerned that he's been affected by the prophecies, which he is so Macbeth lies to Banquo. Macbeth then interprets that Banquo wants to become king and in his head thinks Banquo is a threat to his crown hence Macbeth hires an assassin to kill him. Later when Macbeth is King he holds a banquet, we see Macbeth's new character of being boastful and self-centred. The supernatural also shows the weak side of Macbeth's new character for example when Macbeth sees Banquo's ghost that he's terrified of his own actions also before the murder of Duncan, Macbeth is weak, scared and almost retreats before he is bullied into killing. Through out the play I have seen some prophecies which have come true for example the witches saying that Macbeth being King. This particular prophecy has effected Macbeth in many ways particularly his judgement and his character. ...read more.

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