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Macbeth (B) In this essay, I will be looking at the way Greg Doran has portrayed certain characters in his version of Macbeth (2000). I will also be looking at "Macbeth on the Estate" (1997) and how the characters are portrayed in this. In the 1997 version, in Act 1 Scene 7, Macbeth begins to have doubts about killing Duncan. Whilst everyone is celebrating the arrival of the King, Macbeth is in the bathroom having doubts. Lady Macbeth follows him and asks him why he has left. "He has almost supp'd: why have you left the chamber?" ...read more.


This version of Macbeth is not very real, in the way that the actors and actresses are portrayed. I think that Duncan does not act as if he is the chief. All the actors and actresses are shown in a completely different way to other versions which I have seen previously, such as the Greg Doran version. Act 1, Scene 7 of "Macbeth on the estate" is not that different, compared to Greg Doran's version (2000). After Duncan's arrival, Macbeth leaves the table at the banquet, tormented by doubts about his wife's plans. ...read more.


I think that this scene matches the atmosphere, as it seems quite tense. This version of Macbeth is quite similar to "Macbeth on the estate" as the Macbeth's have a passionate moment. I think that Lady Macbeth does this to show Macbeth how desperately she wants power. I also think that Lady Macbeth knows her husband quite well; therefore he will give her what she wants, with a bit of persuasion. I think that both the versions of Macbeth portray the same scene in very different ways. However, I think that Greg Doran's version of Macbeth shows more emotion. I also think that Greg Doran's version seems more realistic, and the character's are shown in a way which "matches" with the atmosphere of the play. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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