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Macbeth The opening scene begins with thunder and lightening, which sets the scene of a weary and intense atmosphere. Then enter three witches. As the battle rages the weird sisters plot their meeting with Macbeth. The battle between the Norwegians and the Scots is in full swing, the second scene is set in a camp just off the battlefield. People are bringing news to the king regularly about how the battle is commencing. Most of the news delivered to Duncan, the king is about Macbeth. 'Like valour's minion carved out his passage till he faced the slave', here the servant is telling Duncan how Macbeth slashed his way through the battle until he reached Macdonald. This shows us how fearless and confident he was in that he was fighting for good and the good of his country. ' Till he unseamed him from the nave to the chops', this is when Macbeth sliced Macdonald from his belly to his jaw. ' O valiant cousin! Worthy gentleman!' This is Duncan's first response. This shows how respected he is by the king and many others. He is seen as brave, heroic, fearless, in control, confident and loyal to the king. ...read more.


Automatically she is determined to have Duncan killed to fulfil the prophecies. A messenger then brings that the king is to soon to arrive. Macbeth then arrives and then they start to plot the assassination of the king. Shortly after the plan has been taken over by Lady Macbeth, Duncan and all the Thanes arrive at Macbeth's Castle with a gracious greeting from Lady Macbeth. Once escorted into the castle Macbeth starts debating whether or not they should kill the king, he decides against the idea, Lady Macbeth is very convinced that the plan will work and teases Macbeth for his lack of courage. Eventually Macbeth agrees to the plan due to Lady Macbeth convincing him that it will appear that Duncan's guards are guilty of the murder. ACT 2 Banquo is tired but cannot sleep he is thinking about the three weird sisters and the prophecies. Macbeth imagines a dagger leading him to the place leading him to the place where he is going to kill the king. Then the bell signals that all is clear for him to enter Duncan's chambers. Lady Macbeth has got the guards drunk and waits in the courtyard for Macbeth. ...read more.


Macbeth realises that Banquo was told that he would be a father to a line of kings and persuades the two murderers to kill Banquo and his son Fleance! Macbeth is now a changed man he is getting his son and his best friend killed! At first Macbeth does not even tell Lady Macbeth his plan. Lady Macbeth finds out from a servant that left and alone she admits that she is no happier and doesn't have a better peace of mind being queen. Macbeth enters and reveals he too feels the same way and is tortured with fears of Banquo. They both put on a happy face for the banquet. Macbeth hints of his evil plan to kill Banquo but still doesn't reveal all. Macbeth sends a third murderer to join the other two and they manage to brutally kill Banquo but in confusion Fleance escapes. In Act 3 Scene 4, Macbeth thinking Fleance and Banquo have been killed appears confident and in control, he gives his guests a 'hearty welcome' to his banquet. Just as the banquet is going well one of the murderers appears to report back to Macbeth. The murderer has blood on his face and informs him that Banquo has been killed. ...read more.

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