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Macbeth I would say the witches played a major role in the murder of Duncan. I think that Macbeth has dreamt about being King and thought about it a lot. When he and Banquo met the witches and they said to him the predictions he was almost in shock and after he became thane of Cawdor he believed the witches and thought he had to do something to be king. I think the witches' pick the time well to talk to Macbeth, and after the battle Macbeth was on a high and believed anything could be possible. I think that Macbeth's words are very similar to the witches. ...read more.


Banquo warns Macbeth of the witches "Good sir, why do you start and seem to fear. Things that do sound so fair?" From this quote I believe that Banquo knows what Macbeth is thinking. But Banquo is pleased of idea of his children being Kings in the future. Banquo feels uneasy on the night of the murder as if the witches have put a spell on him and it is up to him how the future comes around. But I think that Banquos friendship was too much for him to accuse Macbeth of murder. I think Duncan set up is own murder and gave Macbeth easiest opportunity to kill him. ...read more.


Worthy gentlemen!" Lady Macbeth she says Macbeth is ambitious, she says " It is too full o'th' milk of human kindness" this states that she thinks he is to kind to do any bad things to achieve his dreams. She thinks his kindness is a fault as if he will do nothing without doing wrong. Lady Macbeth never really gave him any complement of his bravery in the battle and she believes that she has a power over him she quotes "Hie thee hither that I may pour my spirits into thine ear". In the end I believe that Macbeth was evil in the first place and fort ruthlessly in battle he had the killer instinct for the murders. When his wife died it was as if he inherited her evil. Justin Harcourt 11c G.C.S.E English Coursework Page 1 ...read more.

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