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Macbeth Coursework Macbeth is a story about a man that becomes so power-hungry and apprehensive that he kills to become king of Scotland. Reproducing the play would be moderately difficult, when trying to duplicate the play in a different style or theme as one would have re-write the whole script according to your wishes, one would also have to adjust characters and the language to make it more, less or the same amount relevant to today. When changing the language you would have to explore the current language and then translate into another style. Although you would be helped by the fact that body language makes it easier to interpret Elizabethan style language. ...read more.


I feel this will attract people aged 15+, as they may be able to relate to it. I have chosen the streets of Brooklyn as my setting; I feel this coincides with the fact that I'm basing it around 'Black Comedy', I also think that this will attract people that can relate to this kind of location. I have decided that changing the language is very important for people to be interested, the language in the original is at times very hard to understand which can mean that it makes it very tedious. To suit my genre I have decided to change the language to the traditional hip-hop slang e.g 'Hello how are you' would translate to 'Yo, wassup fool!?', I feel this will make the scene a lot more realistic and humorous for people. ...read more.


- Malcolm and Donalbain - Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z: I feel using these actors will be beneficial to the scene as they are used to the 'thug' life. - Banquo - Eminem: I feel that using Eminem as banquo reflects on his real life, as he has been betrayed before, and knows how to play the part. - Fleance - Lil Bow Wow: Using Lil Bow Wow will mean that he can be recognized as a young boy, but is still able to act well in the environment. - Macduff - Sean Combs: I feel that using Sean Combs (Puff Daddy) will add more exhilaration because of his dynamic personality. - Lady Macduff and Son: Jennifer Lopez and Haley Joel Osment: I feel that because of these actors experience it will add to the excitement of the play. - The Three Witches ...read more.

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