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Macbeth Act 4 scene 1

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Macbeth Act 4 scene 1 When Macbeth enters he speaks to the witches as if he knows them well and is quite friendly with them. He also talks as if he is of higher power then them, as if they were under his power and as intended that they should obey his every demand, he shows all of this in rude speech to the witches calling them 'midnight hags'. You can see Macbeth is desperate for this information that will tell him his future. Macbeth goes about this information in a demanding way rather than a grovelling way, he will stop at nothing even if he has to get the information from the devil himself! ...read more.


Another of the apparitions told him that Macbeth wouldn't die until the Great Birnam wood came up to Dunsiane. The wood moving? Macbeth doesn't believe this, ' this will never be.' This makes Macbeth think he is invincible his confidence and ego has a boost. He asks the witches if the Banquo issue will ever come up, the witches refuse to give any more information and Macbeth takes this readily. He does not try to demand more information, this is because he is satisfied with the information that has mapped out his future,' I will be satisfied: deny me this.' Macbeth shows signs of evil all the way throughout the play. He proves this when he says, ' then live Macduff: what need I fear of thee?' ...read more.


I think Macbeth also kills at will and without purpose. Also he doesn't now need Lady Macbeth to push him into these murderous deeds, he does it himself and without thought. I think as he wished for his conscience has been removed and now he does not think of the harm he will cause, but the trouble he has got rid of. Macbeth used to share his thoughts and his fears with Lady Macbeth, but now he talks much more to the witches, who now seem to be the main people in his life since they can help him so much more. Macbeth has come along way and he has achieved very little except becoming king, making enemies and becoming a cold-blooded murderer. ...read more.

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