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Macbeth - After the Murder of King Duncan nothing goes right for Macbeth" do you agree?

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GCSE English:"Macbeth"-"After the Murder of King Duncan nothing goes right for Macbeth" do you agree? Macbeth is one of Shakespeare's best examples of tragedy showing the familiar themes that most Shakespearian plays follow such as the final death of the main character and the flaws his personality contains. It follows the downslide of Macbeth, one of the commanders of the Scottish army and a universally respected warrior as its said in Act 1 Scene2 "O, Valiant cousin, worthy Gentlemen". And at this point in the play the King sees Macbeth as an equal. Macbeth's downfall is due to the news the witches give him in act 1 scene 3 of him becoming King of Scotland. It's this news that starts Macbeths' downfall, leading from him being one of the most respected men in the country to being the most despised and eventually being murdered. This play also mirrors Romeo and Julie another tragedy by Shakespeare as fate has a lot to do with the eventual death of the main characters. The only difference is that Macbeth is aware of his fait (the witches addressing him with his future titles) ...read more.


Although later on she two becomes more and more guilty about the death as in act 5 Scene 1 where she walks in her sleep and relives the night King Duncan is murdered and it's this guilt, I think, that also shows her selfishness when she insisted that Macbeth should murder Macbeth. Macbeth decides to have Banquo and Fleance murdered, he does this to prevent the prophecy coming true, and to show how paranoid Macbeth has now become he has another assassin appear as he cant even trust the first two thugs he had paid. Macbeth is at this point doesn't trust anyone and begins his downward spiral it should also be pointed out that Lady Macbeth doesn't persuade him neither. His paranoia is also shown when he at the formal banquet, after he is told Fleance got away, Macbeth sees Banqou's ghost which only he can see and Lady Macbeth has everyone leave. These dinners are quite important as the King has to show complete dignity and formality for all the Lords and Noblemen but when the murderers arrive Macbeth has to step aside half way through the important ceremony to speak to them causing confusion. ...read more.


He finally faces Macduff and realises that he will kill him as its Macduff who isn't born through conventional methods (caesarean). It could also be seen that Macbeth as a play is a piece of Propaganda by which I mean it could be seen, by the people of the time, as an example of Kingship. The point here I'm making is; that as Macbeth went against Gods will for Duncan to be the rightful king in turn nothing would go right for him. And as I mentioned earlier Shakespeare was obviously aware that his King at the time claimed descent to Banquo so in turn used this to flatter him as he could be saying anyone who eventually murdered him would have bad luck. So in conclusion I strongly agree with the original question of nothing going right for Macbeth as although he is given the title of King he that is primarily the only thing he achieved after he decided to follow lady Macbeths idea nothing seemed to work. It should however be noted that Macbeths actions aren't bad luck or that fate, gone horribly wrong instead its Macbeths own self-destructiveness that brings him to his own downfall. ...read more.

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