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Macbeth Assessment

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Macbeth essay Macbeth written in 1606 has proven to be one of Shakespeare's most successful and popular plays. It wasn't just the plays that were popular William Shakespeare born 1564 is the most famous play writer in the world. He was born in Stratford upon Avon. He wrote 34 plays, Macbeth being just one of them. There are many reasons why Macbeth has proven to be so popular. It is the third shortest play written by Shakespeare, it is fast moving including death, murder, deception, and betrayal. The play follows the story of a man who was desperate for power and turns to murder to get his own way. It has conserved its title as an exceptional play as it appeals to audiences both today and in Shakespeare's time, by including factors that appeal to everyone. In Shakespeare's time people would be intrigued by the supernatural, as they were xenophobic, they took a dislike towards the witches. They didn't understand them even today when we know a little more about the supernatural it is still a topic people would like to know more about. The play makes you want more. You want to find out if he was a good king or if he would really murder his best friend. It is an unpredictable play you don't know what is going to happen. Theatre going was very popular in the 1600's because not only was it for the rich the poor could enjoy the entertainment as well. ...read more.


The plots would have to be quite straightforward so the peasants could understand. The main events in the play link with each other. The witches have an important role in the play on the heath in act 1 scene one and again in act 1 scene 3. They tell Macbeth and Banquo their future. The next important scene is Act 1 scene 5 when Duncan comes to stay with Macbeth to celebrate Macbeth becoming the Thane of Cowdor but sadly Duncan is brutally murdered in his own bed. Macbeth is forced to do the deed by his crazed wife. Then Macbeth is crowned king. The next important scene is when Macbeth gets Banquo killed and Banquo's ghost comes to haunt him. Lady Macbeth tries to make excuses to cover his moments of madness. She tells the people not to leave, as this will offend him. 'Dray you keep seat. The fit is momentary upon a thought. He will again be well. If much you note him you shall offend him and extend his passion feeds and regard him not. The witches then appear again in act 4 scene 1. This time the witches didn't find Macbeth, Macbeth went to find the witches. He wanted to know more. So the witches tell Macbeth in words, which have a double meaning. This makes Macbeth thinks he is going to rule as king for a long time. Macbeth next tries to kill Macduff but is too late Macduff is already on his way to England to fetch an army to kill Macbeth. ...read more.


Later at one of Macbeth banquets, he started to talk to a ghost that wasn't even there. Lady Macbeth tried to cover it up. The second meeting with the witches as deliberate they told Macbeth words with double meanings. They told Macbeth he would be king until the wood moved. Macbeth thought he was safe, as wood couldn't move. The witches tricked Macbeth so the audience would see the witches as evil. Macbeth wasn't much better himself the most loyal thing he did while wearing the crown was suffer a soldiers death. He died a lonely man his wife had gone crazy and killed herself she jumped of the castles balcony. The audience views Macbeth would change at different points in the play. They would see him as a loyal soldier but then he turned evil but he still had some feelings he didn't want to kill Duncan he was bullied by his wife. After the dirty deal was done he never returned from the evils scheming. In conclusion I think Macbeth is a very good play. It is a fast moving play. Which includes love, deception, and murder. Aspects that would appeal to all audiences. The audience would be relieved that justice was done. By including these features I feel that Macbeth has proved the test of time as one of the best plays of all time. Many theatres today still make reproductions of the play. I think Shakespeare truly has lived up to his title as a great play writer. Lauren Barrow ?? ?? ?? ?? Lauren Barrow 10CH set 2 Miss Mason 10/03/2001 ...read more.

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