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Macbeth - Character assessment.

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Macbeth Coursework The Story so far. The 3 witches have told Macbeth that he will become king. He tells this news to his wife, Lady Macbeth . She starts plotting the murder of Duncan, the king of Scotland. A messenger then arrives at Dunsinane telling her that Duncan will be visiting them that evening. In this scene Macbeth kills Duncan. Setting This play takes place on stage. The play is set in 1600's in the Scottish Highlands. The stage is bare apart from a bench, a bucket and well, there is a backdrop of the castle at the rear of the stage. Character Profiles Macbeth Stunned at what he has just done Angry - with both himself and Lady Macbeth Becomes quite hysterical Pure shock Lady Macbeth Evil voice Devious Cunning Calm throughout 4th witch very clever & Very evil A soft blue light falls onto the stage with a white spot light on Lady Macbeth, the light including spot light turns green during Lady Macbeth's speech. Lady Macbeth sits on bench at stage rear holding a pure black cat. ...read more.


Remaining slumped he says lines 26-30, but this time in a whisper. In these lines Macbeth talks about sleep. Only innocence is allowed to sleep, Macbeth cannot sleep anymore, for he is now evil. "Macbeth shall sleep no more!" Macbeth also talks about not being able to say amen, this is because he is no longer holy. Lady Macbeth stands to his right looking down on him, this shows her power over him. She says "Consider it not so deeply." In an impatient, and almost dismissive voice. Macbeth: "Sleep no more Macbeth does murder sleep!" Lady Macbeth: "Why have you got these daggers? They must rest by Duncan." Lady Macbeth grabs the daggers. Macbeth is afraid to go back to Duncan's chamber, for he cannot bear to look at what he has done. "If Duncan do bleed then I shall place the daggers in the arms of the guards, for it will seem their guilt!" she says this in an evil yet excited whisper. Exits stage left, running. Her evil and cunning nature has now been fully exposed to the audience. ...read more.


The knocking starts again. Lady Mabeth spins around in a sudden panic, "I hear knocking!" Lady Macbeth says the rest of her speech in the same quick startled tone. This is the only time in the scene where LM shows her nerves. Macbeth in complete hysteria with tears running down his cheeks "Wake Duncan with your knocking, I would thou couldst!" At this point M's weakness is most apparent, at this point I feel that he would be ready to confess all. Lady Macbeth and Macbeth exit stage right. Lady Macbeth now calm again, strides off confidently. Macbeth crawls off on his hands and knees. This shows the difference between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, Macbeth is remorseful, guilt ridden and hysterical with disbelief. Lady Macbeth on the other hand is confident, calm, excited, and seems completely unfazed by the fact that she has helped murder her king. Her power over him is enormous, and makes you wonder whether Macbeth was in a trance to even be able to comprehend killing his king let alone actually doing it. At the end of the scene the lights suddenly go out the theatre is pitch black. Props � A bench � A bucket and well � Red ribbons � A fake black cat ...read more.

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