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Macbeth-Character Study

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Macbeth-Character Study My essay is a character study of Shakespeare's Macbeth. The two characters that I will be analyzing are 'Macbeth' and 'Lady Macbeth.' I will be talking about what they experience in the play and how their personalities and thoughts change, as their circumstances get worse. I will also give my views and opinions in these characters along with some quotes from the play. As the play begins, the audiences get the impression that Macbeth is a brave, heroic, strong willed and loyal soldier for the king. He seems loyal enough to even give his life for the king. "For Brave Macbeth (well he deserves that name), Disdaining Fortune with his brandish'd steel, Which smok'd with bloody execution....."(Captain) Macbeth appears to be in good friendship terms with the character, Banquo. After Macbeth has an encounter with the witches, we (the audience) can tell that he really does want to be king, even though he was very loyal to king Duncan. The witches managed to fill Macbeth's head with evil and disloyal ideas, which shows that he is easily persuaded and manipulated. ...read more.


He gets upset and changed his mind when lady Macbeth questioned his masculinity; this again supports the fact that he could not have murdered the King by himself. Macbeth gets upset when lady Macbeth questioned his masculinity because he takes a lot of pride in being manly, he doesn't like to be seen as otherwise. Macbeth appears to slowly be going mad due to the guilt and pressure placed upon him. He begins to see images of daggers and imagines young Malcolm being crowned King, etc. this again proves that Macbeth doesn't have a strong enough mind to go through the murder without any assistance. "Is this a dagger..."(Macbeth) Macbeth also 'sees' the ghost of Banquo at the dinner table who haunts him and drives him even more insane. In all his madness, Macbeth doesn't realize all his mistakes, he thinks that he is invincible due to what the witches had told him, and he did not even think that there might be a catch. Also, he became so crazy that he forgot about his wife, lady Macbeth was suffering but Macbeth did not spend enough time with her. ...read more.


Macbeth very clearly changes his role throughout the play. His most obvious change is from brave, heroic and loyal to evil, murderous and insane. Other small changes in Macbeth are confused, guilty, powerful and cold hearted. We cannot say that Macbeth is simply weak, or he is simply just evil, because I think that he becomes evil because of his weaknesses - such as being too easily persuaded/manipulated, and having a weak mind. And so Macbeth's characteristics develop into evilness because he was weak to start off with. I think that Macbeth was unable to control himself in terms of making his own decisions; I think that all this talk of power and becoming king got to his head and drove him crazy, making him unable to really focus on what he was doing. Therefore I see Macbeth as the character that was controlled by other characters in the play (Lady Macbeth, witches), and so does not have what it takes to become king. Macbeth shows himself to be very greedy for wealth and power, I mean being thane of is already a great honor yet it wasn't enough for him, he wanted more and more, and this is what drove him to become such a 'monster' and eventually got him killed. Jugal Vansia 11D ...read more.

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