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Macbeth coursework

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Capital Punishment Capital punishment, Life or Death, If you had a choice what would you choose? There are three reasons why governments believe they have the right to use capital punishment. Firstly, to protect the safety of the people, secondly, to stop others from committing similar offences and finally, to have some form of punishment for the offender. All three of these are convincing but none of them justifies the killing of the criminal. I strongly believe that the death penalty should be abolished.. Some of you might have strong beliefs for capital punishment. So today I hope to persuade you that capital punishment is inhumane and only brings the society down to the same level as the criminal, more expensive than life imprisonment, and has the risk of executing innocent people. ...read more.


If you are executing an individual, that action clearly goes against this commandment. Murdering any person, no matter what the individual has been convicted of, is a sin. Therefore, God will punish anyone who executes people. Executing someone should not be made an exception to God's rule. Some people think that having Capital Punishment will reduce the number of crimes committed in a city, but in fact, they are wrong. Why? Because most states in America that do not have the Death Penalty have lower murder rates than states that have the Death Penalty. When the United States is compared to other countries that do not use the death penalty, the United States has a much higher murder rate than other countries which do not use the Death Penalty. ...read more.


The less wealthy, or poor such as the African Americans can't afford the best legal defence. Juries are more likely to view with favour a well dressed and well educated person compared to a poor and not so educated person. Racism could also be a factor, especially in America with people having strong hatred against black people, but not so nowadays. So in conclusion, personally I think Capital Punishment is an inhumane and an ineffective method to punish criminals. It is a sad act of our society. Too often, criminals who are victims of discrimination, are wrongly convicted. Once the death penalty is carried out, there's no changing it. Finally, there is no evidence that the death penalty is effective. Hopefully, our society can move on from using the same cruel punishment as in the past. The death penalty is a cruel punishment should never be used no matter what the circumstances. Kyle Moore 11Q ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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