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Macbeth Coursework, What is the dramatic impact and importance of the Witches in Macbeth?

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Ollie Sweeney Macbeth Coursework, What is the dramatic impact and importance of the Witches in Macbeth? The witches in Macbeth have a large dramatic impact and play a key role in Macbeth, so they are also important. This play was written roughly 400 years ago and so the majority of the population then would have been very superstitious. This means that there would have been a much larger impact on the audience. The witches are also important, as with out them Macbeth would not have had the idea to kill Duncan. The witches have a big dramatic impact in Macbeth, as I previously mentioned, in the time of the play being written the audience would have been more superstitious and a lot more scared of the witches as they were seen as the devils tools. They create a large dramatic impact as they open the whole play, so they would be the first things the audience would see and would show them that the play is concerned with evil. ...read more.


out realising has began to scheme "[Aside] If chance may have me king, why chance may crown me with out my stir". We also can see that the witches are important to the actual character Macbeth, he echoes a riddle of theirs as his first line in the play "fair is foul and foul is fair" to "So foul and fair a day I have not seen". Before we even see Macbeth he is being described as a hero by the captain "For brave Macbeth well he deserved that name". He is the rewarded with a traitor's title by Duncan and then he meets the witches, after the meeting with them we see that he is actually changing (for the worse). We can also see this through the break down of Banquo and Macbeth's friendship. Comparing Banquo and Macbeth is also useful; we can see that the impact of the witches on Macbeth differs to Banquo. Banquo has a reluctance to accept what the witches said "What, can the devil speak true?" ...read more.


and the witches appear mutated, gloomy colours etc representing evil. There is also the battle for Scotland, we see good prevailing over evil in the long term as usual. We see the extent of evil as in those times Scotland and England hated each other but they ally together against Macbeth. Macbeth was written in a time where witches were believed in and were extremely feared. Therefore the impact of the witches on us is clearly not going to have a large effect on us, as they do not really get brought up too much in our day to day life, but for the Shakespearian audience they would have seen the witches as a very serious idea and therefore the impact on them would be a lot bigger. The importance hasn't changed of the witches though; they still are the ones that put the idea in Macbeth's head etc. Overall we can see that the witches are essential to the play. ...read more.

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