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Macbeth coursework

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Macbeth At the beginning of the play Macbeth is seen as a noble and loyal man to King Duncan, He is seen as a man who fights hard for his country and earns every reward he is given, This is shown in what the captain says at the beginning "For brave Macbeth-Well he deserves that name, this shows that Macbeth is a brave warrior and is highly respected by all men of Scotland. Macbeth is also shown as very loyal to his king Duncan this is shown were the captain says "Like valour's minion carv'd out his passage Till he fac'd the slave... he unseam'd him from the nave to th' chaps" This shows that Macbeth is loyal to his king and will cut down any man or army that opposes him. In this scene Macbeth meets three witches this is the turning point in the play this is where he is told he will be king and Banqous sons will also be kings in ...read more.


and drugs them, Then Macbeth enters Duncan's room with two daggers and kills him when he comes out of Duncan's room he is like in a trance and can't believe what he has done. Later on when Macduff goes to check on the king he finds he is dead and Macbeth makes the huge mistake of killing the men who were outside of the kings room this makes Macduff very suspicious and Macbeth covers it up by saying how could you control yourself when you no the people who have just killed someone you love are right here, This touching speech convinces Macduff that he has no reason to be suspicious of Macbeth. In this part of the play Macbeth finds Banquo as a threat and sends assassins to kill him. During this time Macbeth is holding a dinner party, this is the scene in the play when Macbeth sees Banquo's ghost he is the only one that has seen it, as Macbeth sees it the ghost becomes more and more gruesome as more blood and gashes appear on his face. ...read more.


Towards the end of the play Macbeth makes the biggest mistake of his life when he sends assassins around to Macduff's house to kill him but he isn't there so instead they kill his wife and his kids and all the servants in the house. Towards the end of the play I think he becomes a horrible monster who has gone mad with power he is a psychopathic man who will kill anyone and everyone for the sake of it. Finally the witches tell Macbeth that no man that came out of there mothers womb can kill him but when he comes face to face with Macduff he tells him that he didn't come out of his mothers womb and at this point Macbeth is so surprised that he is frozen then this is where Macduff strikes him down. I think Macbeth deserved to die after all what goes around comes around Paul Constantinou 827 words ...read more.

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