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Macbeth Essay

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Joe Supple Macbeth Essay Shakespeare wrote 'Macbeth' for a specific reason at that particular period of time. The reason being King James I. King James was bought up by puritans, who despised any kind of entertainment and thought that they should spend all their time reading the bible. When King James I took over the thrown, Shakespeare was worried that he would disapprove of the theatres and close them all down. So, Shakespeare wrote 'Macbeth' as a flattery to the king. 'Macbeth' includes references to Witchcraft and Portrays Banquo as a hero, which was blandishment to James I as he claimed to be an expert on witches and a descendant of Banquo. But most importantly, the Play supports the political belief of 'The Divine Right of Kings.' This is the theory of a king when he believes that he has been chosen by god to be a political leader on earth. So killing the King would be like Killing part of God. ...read more.


Sleep. The next day, the lords discuss the events of the previous night. They describe the banquet as 'the tyrants feast.' They all know now that Macbeth has killed both Banquo and King Duncan. I think Shakespeare does this so Banquo is seen as a hero and the truth is all being revealed and Macbeth is being punished. By now, Macbeth is in Growing despair. He describes his position as exactly halfway through a river of blood, so he might as well carry on going forward instead of turning back. Shakespeare uses powerful imagery of Macbeth wading through a river of blood and dead bodies. So, in his growing despair, Macbeth goes to visit the witches again to ask them more about his future. The witches give him false hope by tricking him with their words. But then they knock all his hope back down again when Macbeth realises that they have tricked him and grieved 'his heart' by twisting their own words. ...read more.


When Macbeth finally realises that he has been tricked by the witches he is in despair and he knows that he will die and he cannot do anything about it. But, what makes it worse for Macbeth is that he was so confident that he could not be defeated because he thought it was impossible that there was 'no man born a woman.' But still even though he knows he is going to die, he decides to die fighting. So when MacDuff kills Macbeth everybody cheers and everybody is happy. Shakespeare does this to show how the country is better off without Macbeth who killed the king. At the beginning of the Play, Macbeth is a hero. He has helped his country and is rewarded by the king 'O Valiant cousin, Worthy Gentleman' he is described as. Yet at the end of the play he is the most hated person in the whole of the country 'thou bloodier villain.' And everybody is happy when he is dead. This is very ironic. It was due to the one act of killing the king that started it all off. ...read more.

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