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Macbeth Essay

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Macbeth As Edward George Earle Lytton said:" Ambition has no rest". Ambition is an ardent desire for rank, fame, or power. Macbeth is an impeccable novel, which beholds a lot of interesting morals and ethics. It portrays the most important desire of all people, ambition and what it brings about from good and bad. Shakespeare, with his genius writing showed ambition in many manners throughout the story. Ambition drives people to do things, both good and bad, which they otherwise might not do. Malcolm, Macduff, Lady Macbeth, and Macbeth himself all depicted the reality of ambition in its different behaviors. Macbeth, the foremost important character in the story was an ordinary family man with limited power. He obtained the title, Thane Of Glamis through hard work and determination. This however changes, when Macbeth encounters three witches and hears their predictions of his future, in which he's going to be entitled The Thane Of Cawdor and then crowned King. ...read more.


Shakespeare shows Macbeth's guilt throughout the story. This can interpret that Macbeth knows that his ambition only lead to him to corruption. Macbeth says," I could not say "Amen"/ when they did say "God Bless us" ". (Act II, scene ii) His discontentment was also shown in Act III, scene ii, when Macbeth says, Were we will eat our meals in fear, and sleep In the affliction of these terrible dreams That shake us nightly; better be with the dead, Whom we, to gain out peace, have sent to peace, The sins Macbeth committed during his reign caused him to lose his beloved ones. He lost his wife from the guilt she was living with. She wasn't happy because she gained the position by destruction. Lady Macbeth says,"Where our desire is got without content:\'Tis safer to be that which we destroy/Than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy". ...read more.


Their ambition grew, as Macduff found out that Macbeth has killed his family. They marched to Scotland and fought Macbeth, till Macduff stabbed him. The country's cries of happiness showed the embodiment of how ambition can drive people to do good thing, thus having extraordinary results. With Shakespeare's classic, yet moral novel, we can see what ambition is? What ambition can do to ones self and to a whole. This story showed how ambition could drive people to do bad things like Macbeth, and good things like Macduff. What this story taught its readers is that everyone can have an ambition, but not any one can achieve it using the right path. Choosing the wrong path will only result in worse things, like destroying ones self, and others. Shakespeare showed that in his play, when Macbeth faces the lost of his best friend, wife, his people, and his consciousness. After all Macbeth did not gain anything but lost everything. However Macduff, who personified ambition in a good way, lost his family but gained the love and happiness of Scotland's people. ...read more.

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