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Macbeth essay

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Mabeth English Coursework Macbeth the whole way through the play is full of universal themes that apply to all generations and societies. This means that it was in tune with its audience when Shakespeare first wrote it but it would still be of interest and the events of concern to modern viewers. Shakespeare brings the murderer on stage instead of having a private scene between Macbeth and the murderer. The murderer could come on stage from the wing guided by hand by one of the witches before she lets him go to carry on to Macbeth and turns around and goes off stage. He would be dressed as a messenger and the only thing to identify him as not what he appears should be a smear of on his face along his jaw line: 'There's blood upon thy face.' this backups that it was a brutal attack and murder which later on is shown physically by Banquo's ghost's appearance. After the murderer approaches Macbeth he should draw him away from the table nearer to the audience without the Lords or Lady Macbeth noticing. The rest of the characters can continue to be festive but in mime so that the audience can clearly hear the conversation. ...read more.


He would have a powered white face, matted hair, ripped clothes and caked be caked in blood and mud. This is as we know from the text that he was stabbed a number of times 'with twenty trenched gashes on his head' and because 'his throat is cut.' It shows Macbeths lack of caring as not only has he had his best friend murdered in his name but also he has had him brutally murdered and shows no emotion at all when told of the gory details. When he sits in the throne he will leave blood and mud stains all over the red velvet, the throne in expensive and red as it is a royal colour for Macbeth and that night at the banquet he has to look at his best as it is all about impressing the Lords and making them think that he is a good king and not a tyrant. After the ghost leaves Macbeth could keep looking at the splattered throne as if to convince himself that it is real. When Macbeth says 'Then I'll sit down' he wipes the thrones arm discreetly before sitting as it to try to rub away the ghost and its presence and hide it under the formality of the Banquet and his power. ...read more.


The order of murders shows the changes in Macbeth and his evil coming out. At first he murders Duncan with reason, to be king. The next murder is Banquo his best friend. Macbeth stoops lower by killing an innocent woman and children. At first Lady Macbeth was powerful in the relationship between her and Macbeth, even pushing her husband into murdering Duncan to gain power. This is ironic as in the end though as she has no power over him and her influence has driven them apart. Lady Macbeth starts to feel guilty for the murders when at first she was the bloodthirsty one who wanted to kill the king. In the next scene in which she appears she has gone mad and is sleepwalking. She should go show signs of insanity in this scene so that it is not a sudden unnatural adjust to her in the next scene. This scene is important for many reasons, but mainly as it is the biggest turning point in the play for Macbeth and directly leads up to Lady Macbeths sleepwalking scene where she has gone insane. If this scene is directed well it will come across to the audience as Macbeth's last point where he could turn around and fight his way out of the evil he is steeped in regardless of the witches' presence. Instead though he is overwhelmed and chooses a path of self-destruction and evil. ...read more.

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