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Macbeth" is a political and dramatic play although, it has more political elements to it such as, the lady's role in that time (Lady Macbeth's role is quite a significant political issue in the play), kingship

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Macbeth Essay "Macbeth" is a political and dramatic play although, it has more political elements to it such as, the lady's role in that time (Lady Macbeth's role is quite a significant political issue in the play), kingship, and the natural order. It is this political ambience rather than the dramatic elements of the play, that increases it's relevance to today's society. In this essay, as well as stating my points on why "Macbeth" is more political than dramatic, I will also analyse the dramatic elements involved, which add excitement to the play. Initially, we see that Macbeth's desire for fame and power is at odds, as is his desire for his wife's respect and his conscience. This is illustrated when he gives into her intimidating and manipulative ways, and murders King Duncan (a guest in his castle) in order to acquire the throne for himself. Shakespeare portrays Lady Macbeth as a character who survives on being in control of other people and is a temptress, similar to the biblical character Eve and when not manipulating others Lady Macbeth breaks down and commits suicide realizing her own weaknesses and guilt There is a clear resemblance with Lady Macbeth and Macbeth and Adam and Eve. ...read more.


This gives Macbeth enough of reasons to kill Duncan, not only will he then become king but also he has a chance to prove his bravery. By the way Shakespeare portrays Lady Macbeth the reader sees her as an "Eve", temping "Adam" with the forbidden fruit, in this case treason. This could be the way society saw women: weak and almost venomous, not capable of doing the job on their own. We get a further portrayal of weakness of the female sex and dramatic elements in the scene which Lady Macbeth gets the blood of one of her victims on her hands and is "unable" to wash it off, "Heres the smell of blood still; All the perfumes of Arabia . Therefore showing Lady Macbeth as someone who is able to convince her already doubtful husband into something he does not feel comfortable doing and it is she that finally finds it too much to bear. Another way that Lady Macbeth is portrayed is just another pawn in a large game of chess. W e can see this as soon as Macbeth reaches his goal; becoming king, he has no more use of Lady Macbeth and realizes all things and crimes he has committed so he stops listening to her- Shakespeare here is bringing out the superiority of males (which was thought to be the case in his time) ...read more.


This creates comedy side to a play where tragedy is the genre because the porter's scene is rather comic and happens straight after the murder of Duncan which is a pivotal point in the play. Shakespeare's use of blood is also very useful in contributing to dramatic side of the play. The blood that is shown at different points of the play i.e. imaginary dagger, blood on face of murderers, blood on Lady Macbeth's hands and Captain e.t.c. As well as contributing to the dramatic side of "Macbeth". It also contributes to a much dark and sinister side. In conclusion "Macbeth" is a political tragedy with dramatic aspects to it. As it was a tragedy, like most of Shakespeare's plays audiences would have had certain expectations, it would be sad and have lots of negative connotation, death, and betrayal, and also it would have been written to instruct people as well as to entertain them. Overall Shakespeare supported the status quo by agreeing with the fact that a king was always appointed by God and those who challenged the natural order will be punished. This is evident as the main plot is that, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth challenge the natural order and they die. ...read more.

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