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Macbeth review.

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Macbeth review Name of production Macbeth Name of company TEG productions Name of playwright William Shakespeare Place of performance Albury Theatre Date of Performance January 2003 We arrived at the theatre half an hour before it was about to begin. I looked at the bill board and I saw a picture of a man and a woman in modern day clothing. So I thought that Macbeth was shown in a modern version. I found that that had given the play a false impression, maybe it was done for children as a pull saying that it wasn't like the normal Shakespearian play. The play Macbeth was divided into two separate halves. The 1st half started unexpectedly with a bang. ...read more.


The highlight of the play was when Macbeth was finally killed by Mucduff because it was the main plot of the play I felt and it happened in a memorable way. I will remember the special effects because the director Edward Hall had inserted modern effects like sounds of helicopters and machine guns. I would change the scene in the second Act when Malcolm and Maduff were having a twenty minute conversation it was very long and boring I could see people falling asleep and it seemed to go on forever. I didn't keep my attention on the conversation but everything else I was gripped onto. The atmosphere of the characters/Actors was very high it seemed to me that they were really involved in the play of Macbeth and I can't really blame them because Macbeth is a really good -play to get into. ...read more.


It was well used but because I was sitting in the balcony what you could see was very limited. Music was used quite a bit in Macbeth like in the coronation of Macbeth the Requiem mass music was played. Lots of special effects were involved like sounds of bombs and real flames coming up from the stage as Macbeth walked past them. Also the normal smoke canisters were seen. There were a lot of light changes you but you mainly saw very bleak colours. I think that showed the depressed state Macbeth and Lady Macbeth was in. The costumes weren't really Shakespearian were the modern but not to the extent of the picture of the program. King Duncan wore white attire with a long white jacket that was kind of modern, other bits were but more of the clothing was of a later era. All in the entire overall standard was brilliant two thumbs up! By Eloise Griffith ...read more.

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