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Macbeth's diary

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I am fighting for my king, Duncan, against the enemies Sweno the king of Norway, Macdthwald lord of the western isles of Scotland and the thane of Cawdor who all are traitors. The battles were very bloody there were lots of dead people most very young soldiers. I have not seen so much blood scenic I became a general in Duncan's army. The best thing was that we were victorious and Banquo and I are going home to celebrate our victory. On our way home across the heath the weather was awful there was strange thunder and lightning, Banquo and I meet 3 weird women who said that I am the thane of Glamass, going to be the thane of Cordor and future king to be. ...read more.


My wife was very anxious to tell me her plan for killing Duncan. I did not think I could do it, she was very determined that I should. Duncan had arrived I let my wife greet him because I very upset about killing Duncan. At the state dinner I had to leave I did not think that I could do it. My wife came and found me and I told her I could not do it she then convened me I should and told me how to kill him and she even told me how we should react when we hear the bad news about Duncan's death. ...read more.


and holding a daggers, I know that I had killed Duncan in his sleep I can't come to terms with what I have done my wife tried to calmed me down because I couldn't go and put the daggers back so she had to, we heard banging so my wife took me to change my clothes and helped me wash the blood off me. Some how I had remember how to act when I heard the news of Duncan's death that Macduff told me about. So I immediacy went to see what had happened and pretending to be angry I killed the guards so they could not be questioned about the murder. Lady Macbeth fainted saved me from being questioned further about the killing the guars. ...read more.

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