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Macbeth's Dream

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Macbeth's Dream Introduction The play would have been originally performed in an amphitheatre in open air which would have meant that the plays would all probably be during the day time as that was when there was most natural light. The play, Macbeth, would probably have been performed in a way that it was unpredictable and would have used only men as women weren't allowed to perform on stage during Shakespeare's time so all roles would have been fit for men to play. The costumes the actors wore would have been colourful and it would have been to recognise who a character was by the clothes and colours they wore. For example, the actor playing the king would wear a purple (seen as a rich royal colour) robe and a crown. Throughout the play they would be able to make sound effects using handmade instruments such has two hollow coconuts slammed together for the sound of horses' hooves hitting the ground. The audience would pay different prices for different luxuries. For example, for 1p you could stand around the stage which meant that any blood or other liquids thrown off the stage would have covered you, this would have been mainly for the peasants who didn't have a lot of money and where not seen worthy enough of such luxuries like a seat. For 2p you could get a balcony seat which meant you got to see the whole play without getting dirty this would have been mainly for the middle class people. ...read more.


A darkened place which looks not safe, Does lead to room or lead to cave? Complete darkness surrounds the four walls he's within, A gory skeleton with a dagger dripping with blood from its chin. Its lungs still working though heart of stone, Only long, blonde hair covers its bare bones. Its open arms invite him to, He's unsure what, how, where and who! Lady Macbeth: Come, come now here my darling sweet dear, Through this dark, dark door to face your fear. It was his long lost lady, his long lost love, Whose bones were whiter than a pure white dove. Her wavy locks glistened in the dim light, At first glance she gave him quite a big fright. He did not want to believe what is true, Dripping in blood from silent eyes of blue. Macbeth: My sweet darling you, dead that I presumed, I see no more how your beauty's bloomed. Your soft sweet lips so innocent, unlike the words you speak, Your hair its locks so radiant, so silent as stairs creak. I loved thy beauty, I loved thy smile, We ne'er parted not one single mile. The bones disappear, surrounding walls too, He is confused, anxious, unsure what to do The dark turns to light, night turns to day, He sees a figure, what's he to say? He leaves it too late, to fight, to run, One, two, three, four the figures become, The witches, three of them and him all alone, In his head's Duncan, his wife and her bones. ...read more.


This also allows me to achieve certain effects through animation which would not normally be achievable if working with reality. I would get a zoom in on a candle after Macbeth has spoken and have it gently flickering until it suddenly goes out. I would then have it all pitch black and then have a tiny light appear which over time increases and increases until the audience recognises its King Duncan's head. After there conversation I will have it go pitch black again until it starts to lighten up a bit to uncover the fact that he is surrounded by four closely built walls with a small door in the distance on one of the walls. Then you will be able to see a skeleton getting closer and closer until you can see all of the details on the skeleton down to the last drop of blood, the arms of the skeleton will open and welcome Macbeth into them and then speak. After that you will get a close up image of the skeletons eyes which begin to cry but instead of tears it cries blood. After that everything will disappear which is when you see Macbeth get anxious and unsure until he sees the three witches appear and hears them chanting. You hear the three witches' conversation then a solid block of green appears on the screen with chilling music in the background. The green starts slowly changing colour to red and then starts to melt into a liquid. Throughout the whole of the dream you will hear a narrator in the background reading out the words which are not spoken by characters. ...read more.

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