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Macbeth's ruthless character

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Macbeth Essay (Robinson, #1) To have no compassion or pity and to be merciless is to be ruthless. In William Shakepeare's play Macbeth; there is only one ruthless character that comes to mind. Macbeth's ruthless character leads himself to positions of power but there is only so far he can go until his downfall nears. Macbeth does not only bring himself down, but he also brings his wife down with him. She is always there to clean up and cover up the mistakes he makes. Macbeth's ruthlessness is what leads himself and his wife to their tragic downfall. The murder of his king Duncan, the murder of his best friend Banquo and the murder of Macduff's family proves how ruthless he truly is. The murder of King Duncan is Macbeth's major first act of ruthlessness, which leads himself and his wife to their tragic downfall. It was Macbeth's idea to murder his king. He was the one whom the witches told about becoming king. Whether he said it or not in the play we all knew what he was thinking about the king and how murdering Duncan would make his prophecy come true. ...read more.


Moreover, Macbeth felt that he had killed Duncan just for Banquo's sons. Macbeth decided to murder his best friend. He committed the ruthless act of meeting with the murderers to kill Banquo who trusted Macbeth. At the banquet, Macbeth imagined seeing Banquo's ghost. Macbeth acted so strangely that Lady Macbeth had to call him back to the table and remind him of his duties as a host. She had to lie for him and tell the guests that this behaviour wasn't anything to worry about and that Macbeth acts like this from time to time. Eventually she had to ask the guests to leave in order to cover up Macbeth's strange behaviour. If he had not committed the ruthless act of murdering his best friend, he would not have seen the (Robinson, #3) ghost of Banquo. He made everyone suspicious at the banquet and his behaviour brought his wife down with him. She was already dealing with a lot of guilt and Macbeth's actions made her have to be the one to cover up and clean up for Macbeth again. Murdering Banquo clearly showed us that Macbeth's downfall was steadily approaching. He had committed one of the most ruthless acts in life just because he thought that the witches' prophecies might come true for Banquo as they had been coming true for Macbeth. ...read more.


The blood was on her conscience not on her hands. She had been so mentally sick that the doctor tells the gentlewoman to, "Remove from her the means of all annoyance" (pg. 73 ). Lady Macbeth has reached a point where the doctors are afraid that she is going to commit suicide and kill herself. If Macbeth wouldn't have been away from her committing all of these ruthless acts he wouldn't have destroyed his and his wife's relationship. Lady Macbeth wouldn't have been so sick with guilt that she is trying to harm herself if it wasn't for Macbeth. In the end of the play, Macbeth's character is what causes the death of his wife and himself. Macbeth brought himself down by committing the murder of his kind Duncan, his best friend Banquo and Macduff's wife and children. Someone ruthless enough to commit and plan these murders had their downfall coming. If Macduff hadn't killed Macbeth in the end, everyone else would have. He brought Lady Macbeth down with him because she constantly had to clean up for him after he committed the murder of Duncan. She had to cover up for him after he murdered his best friend. Also, she was left all alone full of guilt when he isolated himself from her while committing the ruthless act of murdering a innocent woman and her children. ...read more.

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