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Macbeth Servant Diary Entries

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Servant Diary Entries Dear diary, as I am a servant in Thane Macbeth's castle I have noticed a sudden change in his behaviour. I have always thought of Macbeth as a courageous, honest loyal man, however I have witnessed many events that have forced me to think otherwise. When Macbeth returned from battle, he was greeted by Lady Macbeth in the Castle. I was cleaning the floors in the room next door to ensure that everything was presentable for the arrival of King Duncan. Lady Macbeth seemed very excited to see him and Macbeth looked just as happy. They seemed to be having a pleasant short conservation. Nevertheless, whilst I was going out to fetch some clean water I overheard Lady Macbeth say something very strange to Macbeth. ...read more.


There we met Banquo and Fleance. Banquo was feeling rather uneasy about going to sleep because he was fearing that he will dream of three, weird sisters. Macbeth persuaded Banquo to talk about the things he was seeing in his dreams with him sometime. After they had finished talking, everyone left leaving Macbeth alone in the courtyard. I decided to observe his actions therefore I hid in the shadow. Macbeth started talking to himself about how he can see a dagger before him. He seemed really confused about whether or not the dagger was really there or if it was just a vision in his mind. What was he going on about? I was standing right there as well and I could see everything in his view. ...read more.


I was startled to hear the ringing of the alarm bell this morning. I ran out of my bed and heard Macduff announce the murder. I could not believe it happened, right under our very noses. Through all the hustle bustle, I kept a close eye on Macbeth who had reacted very strangely in the situation. I would have expected him to be in deep grief as he had a great relationship with King Duncan and they were thought of as good friends. Instead he killed the servants that had supposedly murdered King Duncan and claimed he acted out of great fury and without thinking. Personally, I don't think that the servants killed King Duncan as they had no motive whatsoever. Macbeth has become a changed man and he should be watched in everything he does. The thruth will always come out and whoever murdered King Duncan will pay the price for doing so. ...read more.

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