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Macbeth: the downfall

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Macbeth: The downfall In the start of the play we see a man who is becoming more and more respected because of his bravery and loyalty to the king. He gets promoted to thane of cawdor. he is happily married and leads a good relationship with his wife. At the start of the play we find out he is blood thirsty because he cuts sombody from nave to chaps. "Till he unseamed him from the nave to th' chaps". At the end of the play we see a very different Macbeth, almost the oppisite of what we see at the start of the play. The Macbeth we see at the end is disloyal to his country, people want him dead and he has lost his wife. In the last confrintation Macbeth and Macduff, Macduff calls him a "hell hound", the toatal oppisite from the start of the play. Also when Macbeth gets beheaded at the end and Macduff holds up his head he says "usipers cursed head". In act 1 scenes 3 and 4 Macbeth takes his first step to becoming evil. When Macbeth is coming back from battle and passes the heath he sees 3 witches that prophosise his future. ...read more.


They plan to get both of king duncans chamberlains drunk so they will black out, then the next morning blame the murder on them because they would remember nothig and be defenceless. In act 2 scene 1 just before Macbeth stabs king Duncan he sees the image of a dagger that leads him to King Duncans chambre. I think that this is Macbeths concience trying to stop him but he manages to overcome this and eventually kills him. The next morning when Duncans death is discoverd, Macbeth (ostensibly out of rage at there crime) kills both the chamberlains. This makes it seem that he is upset and wanted revenge (to cover up). Macbeth now becomes king and all the things the witches said have become true. In Act 3 scene 1 Banquo becomes suspicous "Banquo: Thou has it now, King, Cawdor,Glamis, all, as wierd as the women promised, and i fear thou played'st most foully". Also fearful of what the witches said about Banquos sons becoming kings, Macbeth hires murderes to kill Banquo. The murderers manage to kill Banquo on his way to the feast that Macbeth has planned but they fail to kill his son and he manages to flee. ...read more.


Also he learns that Birnam wood is indeed moving towards Dunsinane but he still thinks he is invincible because of what the witches said. Then Malcom instructs his troops to throw aside there camoflauge and issues orders for battle. In the battle, Macbeth hews violently but English forces gradually overwhelm his army and castle. On the battle field in Act 5 scene 8 Macbeth and Macduff come face to face. "Macduff: Turn, hell-hound, turn. Macbeth: of all men else i avoided thee, But get thee back, my soul is too much charged with blood of thine already." (macbeth says he has already killed his familly and is avoiding him becase of guilt). Then when they begin fighting macbeth declares that he cannot be harmed of any man born of woman but then Macduff tells him that he was not born or woman but from his mothers womb untimely ripped. "I bear a charmed life which must not yeild to one of woman born. Macduff: Despair thy charm, And let thy angel whom thou still hast served Tell thee, MAcduff was from his mothers womb Untimely ripped." Though Macbeth knows he is going to be killed he fight anyways which shows he is very brave. In the end Macduff wins the fight and beheads Macbeth. In act 5 scene 9 Macduff invites everybody to the coranation at scone. ...read more.

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