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macbeths downfall

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Who can be held mostly responsible for Macbeths downfall? William Shakespeares wrote the play Macbeth in a time of when there was a chain of Kings lead to murder (James I). In Shakespeares presentation of Macbeth there are quite a few characters which can be held responsible for the downfall of Macbeth, the people to consider are Lady Macbeth, the witches and even Macbeth himself. Back in the Jacobian era, the audiences for Shakespeares plays would have heavily believed in witches and the art of witchcraft so they probably would have found it particulary frightening for witches to be involved in the play. The way that the witches are presented very dramatically by there appearance because they are always brought on stage by special effects (smoke), and this would have left the Shakespearian audience mesmerised. The witches characteristics is also quite dramatic because they are able to predict the future and are also able to change the weather. I think that the witches have a very big part to play in the downfall of Macbeth because they were the people who put the idea of him becoming King in his head. ...read more.


She tries to manipulate Macbeth on a sexual front we know this as she kisses and hugs him when shes telling him what to do and this makes Macbeth listen to her and persuades him to do what she is telling him. Lady Macbeth also tries to manipulate her husband by telling him that he is a coward if he doesnt murder King Duncan but she really knows that Macbeth is anything but a coward after his days of being a top-class soldier, with Lady Macbeth saying this, this makes Macbeth want to prove his wife wrong and he wants to commit the murder. Lady Macbeth plays her feminity against Macbeths masculinity talking about what she will have to go through, giving birth and breast feeding. Macbeth then decides by himself that he wasn't going to murder Duncan but then Lady Macbeth comes along and persuades him to do it again. Lady Macbeth already had a plan made out to murder Duncan and she revels this to him and Macbeth doesn't want to do it but once again she is able to manipulate her husband into commiting the murder. After the murder of King Duncan Lady Macbeth can be blamed for Macbeths downfall but not in a big way. ...read more.


She used various techniques of influencing Macbeth for instance, sexual techniques, gender techniques and even by telling him that he is a coward even though she knows hes not. The other people that influence Macbeth to kill King Duncan is the witches, they do this by telling him there predictions about him being king and this makes him think about being king. If the witches did not inform Macbeth about their predictions then he wouldn't have murdered Duncan. To a certain extent I think that Macbeth can be held responsible for the murder of Duncan because he should not have let his wife persuade him to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth only influenced Macbeth to kill Duncan, she did not physically stick the dagger into him so Macbeth obviously knew what he was doing. Also no-one persuaded Macbeth to kill anyone else so he thought of these murders himself so this is a big piece of evidence of how he lead to his own downfall. I think that the play ended up in the death of Macbeth because it wouldn't have been right for a King to go around killing women and children for know real reason and I think that Lady Macbeth is the person to blame the most for the downfall of Macbeth. ...read more.

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