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MACMILLAN'S WAR DREAM CREATIVE WRITING ASSIGNMENT BASED ON THE EVENTS IN "MACBETH" WRITTEN BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE. Macmillan was an important British colonel at the start of the First World War. He fought in the trenches for one year and went over the top several times being severely hurt. His rank wasn't the highest but he was the best fighter in the trenches and was well recognised within the British troops. However, he wasn't totally happy because he missed his wife who lived in a little town near London. He also hated being in the filthy trenches that could bring any sickness due to the flies, rats and lice. He had only one defect, that he was a very ambitious person so he wanted to be the most important general ever named. Although Colonel Macmillan was commanding a large army in the trenches between France and Germany, he kept in touch with his wife by letters. One day while they were going over the top into "no man's land" one soldier of his troop was shot. ...read more.


Colonel Macmillan wasn't expecting such an ambitious mood from his wife. When he arrived home his wife showed him the letter that William, the great general, had written to them. In the letter William invited him and his wife for an important supper in a city hall at London in which the main subject was going to be his future in the army and the one of other outstanding soldiers. Lady Macmillan and her husband immediately thought that this was their opportunity for becoming essential in the army and that the murdered soldier prediction was becoming true. However, both of them knew this wouldn't make Colonel Macmillan the most important general because first was William so they started to create a plan for Macmillan to become the great general. The time away from the war was limited so the meeting was the next day and their plan was finished that same night. Macmillan was very confused, he felt happy because he knew that the plan was going to go all right but he also felt scared because any error could lead to his murder. ...read more.


The treaty included economical payments from Germany to Britain. It was a fair treaty but Macmillan wasn't going to sign it because he thought that the amount of money wasn't enough. Suddenly someone shot him in the back and went away; nobody went searching for the murder because they thought he did a good job but nobody said anything. There were only whispers telling what they saw. - "I saw a communist sniper in the roof of the room aiming at him." - "No! It was one member of his last army." - "I saw the spirit of a wounded man eating his soul." The truth wasn't revealed because nobody knew what really happened. The heir to the general position who was a good person signed the treaty and made Britain a peaceful country with a prosperous future. Everyone liked the new general except Lady Macmillan. She hated him but also hated her life for being such an ambitious person. She regretted what she did before because she had to continue her life and in such a lonely and dreadful way. ...read more.

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