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magazine Advertisement

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MAGAZINE ADVERTISEMENT: In this coursework, I will be comparing, analysing, reviewing and commenting to show which of the two adverts; magazine advertisement or moving image is more effective and why. The magazine advertisement which I have chosen is about a candy called 'Zours'. Zours is a very eye catching advertisement because the techniques used to convey the message of the advertisement is very understandable. Persuading children aged five and above to come and buy Zours is the main purpose and this also means that the target audience has been met as it attracts and pulls the children towards the candy. Firstly this magazine advertisement is effective by the use of intense and luminous colours. The main colours are green, blue, yellow and white and all the colours illustrate different connotations. The green colour gives the connotation of new growth of spring, prosperity, clean and fresh air. Let me explore this further by explaining what individual words can mean. After eating Zours candy, new growth of spring gives the feeling of rebirth. Prosperity can link with success at all times, but only after you have tried Zours. Clean and fresh air gives the idea of feeling fresh at all times. The blue colour gives the connotation of serenity, popularity and infinity. This could probably mean that eating the candy will make you popular and you will feel like you rule forever! ...read more.


At the bottom of the advertisement, there is a photo of few members from the Nickelodeon television show because this magazine has been taken from the Nickelodeon magazine. It is celebrating the tenth birthday of the magazine and Zours has sponsored the tenth birthday celebration. The children will get attracted to this by first looking at the pictures of the famous people from the show, a very famous and well known show Nickelodeon. Also, because sponsoring the tenth birthday shows the greatness of Zours and the richness of this candy. It is making the Nickelodeon famous, so the children might think it might make me famous one day. 'Being a Z.I.P has cool privileges', this emphasis on the point I made before about being famous. You will always be in a great advantage is the point of eating Zours Candy. MOVING IMAGE: Now I will analyse the moving image which is about Dentyne frost bites gum. I chose this advert so I can contrast between the magazine and moving advert. The magazine advertisement was about sour Zours candies and this moving image is about the ice frost bite gums. So now I will be able to see which of the two advertisements; sour or ice freeze is more effective. This advert begins with a couple sitting in a taxi and someone whistling in a humble and quiet voice. ...read more.


The slogan, small but powerful gum, is correct as we can clearly see the outcome of the gum on the boy. Indeed the gum is small in size, but has a big impact on a person. This humorous advertisement was persuading teenagers' to come and exhibit the powerful taste of Dentyne frost. COMPARISON: I think the magazine advertisement about Zours candy is more effective because it has more vivid, glowing colours so that it grabs the audience attention immediately. On the other hand Dentyne frost bite gums advertisement uses the same theme of the colour brown, bronze and gold, all the way throughout the advertisement. This can get very boring for the audience as there is no variety of colours. It does not matter what age you are, you still need range of colours to watch an advertisement and get attracted by it. Another reason I think Zours advertisement is more effective than the Dentyne frost bite gums is because Zours purpose is revealed and understood really quickly, as the moving advert takes a lot of time to disclose the purpose of the advertisement. This bores the audience, whether it is a child or a teenager because it wastes time and loses their interest in the advertisement. So overall, I conclude that Zours candy is more effective and it advertises to its target audience really well. In contrast, the Dentyne frost bites gums moving advertisement is not at all convincing, even though it is humorous. This advertisement is very bare, lifeless and uninspiring. ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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