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Magazine coursework

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Hey, Year Nine girls! Wanna become slimmer and fitter? Are you worried about the way you look? Are you scared your boyf might dump you coz you're overweight? Are you depressed coz you don't fit into a size 10? Well if you think you're one from amongst these, then go ahead, PICK UP THIS LEAFLET and follow on... Don't worry; your worries will be over in no time... First of all, for those of you concerned about your weight, what does it mean when we say 'overweight'? Carrying a few extra pounds does not suggest you are definitely overweight. However, it may be a factor to indicate you gain weight easily and you may need to make some changes in diet or exercise. Did you know that: * Being overweight most commonly begins in childhood between the ages of 5 and 6. * Research has shown that a child who is overweight between the ages of 10 and 15 has an 80% chance of becoming an obese adult. So it's best to start your new, healthier habits now before it's too late, since you don't want to have a lifelong habit of unhealthy eating. ...read more.


Well if you didn't, it's true! It is the way we are designed by nature! All it is, is that you just need to watch what you're eating, since as when you eat, eat and eat, the fat burning hormone is not regularly released after each meal because your body is not used to taking in a lot of food all at once. Tips on how to lose those extra pounds and get fit: When your mum asks you to take something upstairs, WAIT, Don't refuse, STOP AND THINK, cos you'll be burning calories just running up the stairs and down again. In this way you'll not only be a gift to yourself but you'll also be an angel to your mum, since you'll be helping both of you. A great advantage is that steps can be found anywhere and everywhere-in the shops, at school and at home. Walking and running upwards and downwards develops strength to the bottom part of the body (hip, buttocks and shins). Tackle more stairs everyday. Have a rest if you need one! ...read more.


Do you walk, bus or train it to school? Why wait for your parents to give you a lift? How about walking it to school? You'll be amazed and surprised seeing the amount of people who walk to school rather than being driven. Join them and at the same time you'll be getting fresh air as well as exercise - it'll do wonders for your brain as you're giving yourself the fresh air you need which will help keep you fit and healthy. Dance those pounds away! Dancing raises your pulse rate, accelerates your metabolism and releases those essential endorphins which will make you feel good about yourself. When you're in your room or when you've invited your friends for a sleepover, how do you spend your time? We all love and enjoy dancing as an excuse to burn up those unwanted pounds. Switch on the TV-what about watching MTV? Practice the latest moves; see who's the most energetic from amongst you all. That's it! You've just burnt another 300 calories! Ok, so before you're off, don't forget to: * Keep up with eating your 5 a days; * Exercise as it'll help you concentrate throughout school work and homework later; Enjoy yourself and be active! ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Atikah Misri English Coursework ...read more.

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