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Maggie can be described as a woman of many qualities"What aspects of the play verify this statement?

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"Maggie can be described as a woman of many qualities" What aspects of the play verify this statement? Maggie can be described as a woman of many qualities; there are many aspects of the play that can verify this statement. The scene starts with Maggie saying "Dinner at half past one girls, we'll give him half an hour" This looks as if Hobson has gone to the pub but Maggie has told him that lunch is at one but he says its not. So Maggie says it's at half one. From the words "We'll give him half an hour" it seems as if this argument is a regular occurrence. Maggie is a very dominant character and because of this, she makes a great saleswoman. "This is a shop you know. We're not here to let people go out without buying." In this scene, we also meet the other main character of the book, Hobson. He is an old man, who likes to show that he has money, by the clothes and the jewellery that he wears. Towards the end of this scene, we meet Willie Mossop. ...read more.


I've been at Hobson's all my life and I'm not leaving till I'm made." Maggie tries to make will say that he would like to work somewhere else, where he would be on larger wages and he would be making more extravagant shoes. Will does not want any of this. He is happy where he is and he lacks the ambition and confidence that he requires to start somewhere new. "Nay, I'd be feared to go in them fine places." Maggie and Willie start to get on quiet well together. They start to talk about how good each of them is at their trade. Willie tries to get away from the conversation by heading back towards his stool, but Maggie will not allow him to go back just yet. She says to him, "Everything that I've seen, I've liked. I think that you'll do for me." This shows that Maggie is a very confident character and being confident is one of her qualities. This makes will feel uneasy around Maggie, as he is not sure if he has heard her right. ...read more.


She is very persuasive to the customers to make them buy the boots. She somehow made Albert buy boots and laces which show that she is good at selling. Maggie's and Willies relationship has become stronger and Willie no longer feels intimidated by Maggie. I think that through this play, Willie has changed physically, mentally and emotionally. At the end of the play, Maggie is really please as she has accomplished what she originally set out to do and not only has she gained respect for Willie, but she to has also gained her fathers respect. This shows that she is also clever enough to gain not only Willies respect but Hobson's respect. Maggie and Hobson have a very strong relationship, not only their family relationship but their business relationship. I feel they were stronger in the business relationship as Hobson was a stingy man; he never even paid Maggie and Wages. When Hobson was told about her relationship with Willie he was angry, but Maggie was strong enough to over come what he had to say. In conclusion the qualities that I think Maggie had were that she was slightly Bossy, faintly determined, very Dominant, extremely Clever, incredibly Strong, unbelievably persuasive, to some extent Ambitious and clear thinking. 3 Bhavesh Tapariya English coursework 10KH ...read more.

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