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Maggie's Role in Hobson's Choice

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Maggie has a crucial role in the play. Describe her character, With reference to the text, and show how she Influences those around her. In my essay I will be looking at Maggie's role in the play and her character. I will also look at how she influences the other characters. Hobson's Choice is set in 1880 (Victorian times) is Salford, Manchester but was written in 1915. With the play being set in Victorian times it has Victorian Values, like women have no independence and men are in charge of everything. The character Maggie has a crucial role in the play. She has a major role in the shop, she runs it literally on her own but gets help off her sisters. Her father thinks that he is in charge but really Maggie is a she runs everything. Maggie influences others in the way that she is very bossy, for example Albert Prosser goes in the shop to see Maggie's sister (Alice). Maggie tells him that he should by something or Hobson'll throw him out of the shop. So he says that he'll have a pair of bootlaces "I'll just have a pair of bootlaces, please" but Maggie gets him to buy boots, "What size do you take in boots? It's time you had a new pair" (page 2). Through this though she is also helping her sister. Maggie is a very determined woman. ...read more.


He says, "Maggie is to useful to part with", so obviously he saying that Maggie is a useful person (she is) to have working in the shop. Maggie isn't always selfish and thinking of herself, she does think of her sisters. For example Maggie makes Hobson pay up to the solicitor when really the money is for her sisters weddings. Throughout the play Hobson goes through a number of different changes. Hobson starts off at the beginning of the play having no respect for his daughters and thinks that they should do whatever he says. For example he tells them off for starting to tell him what to do and Hobson doesn't like it and tells them they'll get out of the habit. He then says to them "I'll choose a pair of husbands for you, my girls". Hobson starts off being very superior to his family but this soon changes throughout the play. Hobson especially looks down on Willie and doesn't like it when Mrs Hepworth gives him praise for making her boots, he constantly says things like "I assure you it shall not occur again". Maggie soon changes Hobson by tricking him in certain ways. When he falls down Beenstocks cellar Maggie sees it as a great opportunity to get some money out of her father for her sisters to get married. ...read more.


When Maggie tells Hobson that she is going to marry Willie he isn't happy and wants to hit Willie with a belt but he stands up to him, "if you touch me with that belt, I'll take her quick, aye, and stick to her like glue". Maggie influences her sisters in the way of giving them confidence to stand up to their father. For example when Hobson goes to Maggie's house and is confronted about falling down the cellar, he is told about his daughters (Alice and Vicky) getting married, he doesn't like it but they make him because they have confidence (but it's mainly Maggie). Maggie treats her sisters very well and with a lot of respect. She looks after them and because of her they get to get married and find the right men. Due to these reasons of Maggie treating her sisters well, she gets money for them to pay for their weddings by tricking Hobson so that he thinks he is paying for trespass. So therefore they are able to afford a better wedding. ?? ?? ?? ?? This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ This document was downloaded from Coursework.Info - The UK's Coursework Database - http://www.coursework.info/ ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay

3 star(s)

The student clearly has a very thorough knowledge of the events of the play. The references to the events are well selected. The structure of the essay is the weakest area. Try to plan an essay before writing. With character essays such as this, have three or four significant points about the character's personality that could be made, and then make reference to at least two different examples from the play at different points to support them. Ensure after you have given reference you link it back to answering the question about what it shows about the character

Marked by teacher Melissa Thompson 09/04/2013

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