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Maintaining order in school

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´╗┐MAINTAINING ORDER IN SCHOOL Going to school is a wonderful experience. We learn new things at each stage of the journey and mature both physically and mentally. School is the place where students spend the most part of their day and it has been rightfully said that ?school?s a student?s second home?. Therefore the values that a child acquires in school are what mold his character. It is very necessary for the school to have a proper environment for the students all round development. For this to happen, maintaining order is extremely important. Maintenance of order in schools is to set limits restricting certain behaviors or attitudes that are seen as harmful or going against school policies, educational norms, school traditions etc. ...read more.


First, education is about values as well as knowledge and skills. Values such as respect, courtesy and consideration are the foundations of a civilized society. That includes respect for others and respect for authority. Heads, teachers and fellow students deserve respect. There can never be any justification for subjecting them to assault - verbal or physical. One way to enforce order is through communicating with students. Improving communication can improve relationship between students and teachers. Also, listening to the students can give a lot of insight as to why particular behaviors may be surfacing. Students need to be counseled about what is good for them and what isn?t. ...read more.


When teens are well aware of the rules and consequences for their actions, they?re motivated not only to follow the rules, but also develop skills that enable them to stick to the rules. A student and teachers disciplinary committee should be formed which would be aimed at maintaining order in school. Students who are found breaching the school regulations should be given appropriate punishment and severe actions should be taken against students who continue to do so even with prior warning. Tackling poor behavior is as much part of improving pupil performance as good teaching. A sustained order in school will invariably spread discipline through other realms of a student?s life. If behavioral problems are not addressed early on then both the children themselves and the society is bound to suffer from its consequences. ...read more.

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