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Making Best of the Bad

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Making Best of the Bad What is the meaning of life? That is a question that I ask myself and I'm sure you do as well. Sometimes I just sit there on my own, when things aren't going to great and have a wonder. I always come up with the same answer usually. 'Dunno'. I asked this question a lot to myself when my parents were splitting up. As I didn't know what the point of me being here was. But, now I have come through that rollercoaster of emotions. I think I have come out a bigger and better person. I look back at my life, when I was in my early childhood around seven or eight. They were some fabulous times, the hot scorching sunny days, the sky as blue as the rippled ocean. I remember feeling top of the world, playing footy with mates from sunrise to sunset. Life really couldn't have felt better. And why couldn't it? Because there was nothing wrong. As long as nothing is wrong, you will feel nothing but pure genuine joy. But as soon as something does go wrong, its hits you harder than anything, like being knocked down by a five tonne lorry. ...read more.


I see alcoholism as an illness. And my Mum had the illness very badly. All people are affected in numerous ways. The alcohol seemed to give my Mum an aggressive side more than anything else. My Mum is not an aggressive person by any stretch of your imagination. She wouldn't harm a fly, because it would have been cruel in her eyes. I see it as getting rid of another one of the annoying bastards but that is me, not her. And when she has had a bit too much drink, she would probably slaughter the fly, stamp on it a few times and think 'well done'. She would then move onto the next fly that passes her by. But only when she has had a too much to drink, I can tell you now, when she is sober she isn't like that at all. This change is what confused me. Being only 9 or 10, I didn't really understand fully that it was the drink. So seeing my mum like this scared me. In fact it terrified me to see my mum like this. I kept asking myself, why? Why has this happened to her? As the days and months passed she didn't get better. ...read more.


I set myself some goals. With these, it helped me get through it. Trying to achieve these took up my time, and when I completed them it gave me extreme satisfaction. Getting into grammar was one of my aims; I had to look in the long term. I had the belief that life will get better. If I did not have that thought, I do not know how I would have coped. Everyone wants to be happy don't they? Well that's all I want, to be happy. Living through what I did back then, was difficult. In fact it was more than difficult, it was near on impossible. But now I look back, I can be proud that I survived. I learnt one big lesson that will stay with me for the rest of my life. And that is, I learnt to be happy. It's the key to all things good, if you ask me. I had to go through a very hard period in my life to realise how important it really is. But when you have got it, you really shouldn't let it go. It's precious. Even when things are going bad, you should make the best of it. It worked for me. Word Count: 1,311 ?? ?? ?? ?? Personal Writing (Non-Fiction) English Coursework Ben Langford 1 ...read more.

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