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Male Teachers Speech

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Some information about male teachers Men have nearly always been superior, however, where teaching is concerned, women have always dominated the classroom. Since I started secondary school, so from year 7-year 9, I have had roughly 23 female teachers, but only 6 or 7 male teachers. Currently 1 out of 12 pupils go through their whole education without ever being taught by a man. Overall, the amount of male teachers is an all time low. Analysts believe male teachers are "fast becoming an endangered species." Men are more attracted to higher paid traditional jobs in large cities. Let me just tell you something shocking, well, it certainly shocked me, figures from September this year, indicate that there are only 56 male early years teachers! ...read more.


However, if they had a male model who would be there to talk to and advise them, they may find it easier to take subjects such as languages and science. As well as helping boys achieve their best, male teachers can also improve the behaviour of boys as they are more approachable. A boy from a broken family who has no father figure needs a male to rely on, so where better then school. Boys may listen more to a male teacher and respect them, therefore improving their behaviour as well as their attitude to school. A male may seem more approachable than a woman if a boy is being bullied for example. However there are many reasons that men fear becoming a teacher. ...read more.


Higher education minister Boris Johnson said that boys were losing out because they need men as role models who can provide them with more competitive lessons. Everyone gets so hysterical about the slightest contact with a pupil and a teacher. If a parent wanted to help out on a school trip, they would all have to have Criminal Records Bureau checks. It is outrageous! Boris Johnson thinks Britain really has to turn down the hysteria of paedophile fears as it is affecting the amount of male teachers, which means boys lose out. If panic is not turned down, this may affect the way not only boys, but also the way girls are being taught. Mr Johnson said to attract more male teachers back into primary and secondary teaching, "we've got to get rid of a great deal of politically correct nonsense. ...read more.

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