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Malevolent Commandant. Looking back I was gratified of how my father was looked up to by everyone. Although now I know they were probably too terrified to do anything else

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´╗┐Malevolent Commandant When I was a young child my father was my entire world. He was an adoring, compassionate and sympathetic dad, someone who you would desire. I appreciated and respected my dad more than anyone else. When I look back I have fond memories of when he taught me to ride my bike. It was a frightening situation but he supported me and I felt secure and protected. He was a dedicated and devoted man who put his family as his first priority. Although now when I reflect back on my memories of him my heart begins to tremble extremely fast and my head fills with the images of vindictiveness he was responsible for. It began one Sunday evening in March 1939. I had found out he was one of the special soldiers in the country because his friends referred to him as an SS officer. ...read more.


After building the courage to ask my father, it was then I knew he had changed. His warm voice and friendly face had disappeared and he looked at me coldly without saying a word. The memories I have about the house send shivers through my bones. I recall the moment mother had shown me too my room. She told me that it was at the top of the house. I was very enthusiastic to see my new room so I swiftly ran up the stairs. I stood in the door way and my dreams deflated. The first thing I saw was a huge window out of my reach. Immediately I decided to climb up and look out of the window. The beautiful countryside filled my vision although I noticed something abstract in the landscape. Squinting I could see a courtyard with large number of children playing. ...read more.


However, I was forbidden from talking to them which made me infuriated. I should have put together the pieces then because they all were dressed in the identical uniform as the orphan children and they all looked frightened and petrified of my father. In the weeks before the end of the war I had noticed a dramatic change between my father and mother. They argued constantly. I did not know what was going on but the arguments made me more suspicious that something was not right. In August 1941, with my father and his commandants huddled around a small television screen, I discovered the truth about my malevolent father. Quietly I crept in to see what they were watching. On the screen were images of the same orphan children I could see from my window entering a chamber. They did not leave the other side. It was then I knew my father was not building a better Germany. He was the officer in charge of a concentration camp and the slaughter of innocent Jews. Mohammed Shamim Ahmad ...read more.

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