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Mango Tree.

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Mango Tree It was the rosiest mango. It had grown full and big, attaining a shiny red colour. It seemed to be bursting with juice, and after a feeling of disbelief Ma Procop's mouth watered as she thought how sweet it must be, especially as it was surely the last one the tree would yield for that season. Sitting and leaning against the trunk of the mango tree to rest a little and the better to enjoy the fruit, she wiped it carefully with her hands and sunk her teeth unto the skin. The juice was so lovely that Ma Procop thought she wanted to keep the mango tree forever. So that it would always produce juicy, amber colourful fruit. She was going to leave the tree were it was. Then, Ma Procop thought about the other people who bought the mangoes from her. She longed for them to be precious like the one she had just eaten. Her mangoes where like jewels, they were shining brightly in a overflowing old, beaten treasure chest. ...read more.


The policeman was uncomfortable with the silence so decided to break it. He said in a kind voice, "My name is P. C. Brown. I notice that there was a mango tree outside, in your garden. Did you sell any of the mangoes, Ma Procop?" Ma Procop was wondering what was going on. She didn't have a television so hadn't watched last night's news. Ma Procop replied "Yes, I did sell some of my wonderful mangoes to a group of teenagers." Then the policeman looked her up and down. P.C Brown was sizing her up. He thought that she didn't looked like a murderer. But he said to her in a stern voice, "I'm arresting you for murder of five people. You do not need to say anything, you have the right to remain silent but anything you do say will be used as evidence against you, in a court of law." Ma Procop was numb and just stared at P.C. Brown. She heard the click, click sound of the handcuffs emerging from his pocket. ...read more.


The door hissed open. The hall was almost black, no light at all. It smelt of rotting fruit. P.C Brown pushed clutter out of his way, into the living room. The living room seemed green with bacteria. P.C. Brown was drawn to look at the phone. There before his very eyes he saw a bloody knife and half a mango. P.C. Brown scandalously said, "This looks like it could be the murder weapon." Leonard broke down, his body was shaking, "Sorry Officer, I couldn't help myself. Those bastards broke into my garden last year and destroyed my mango tree. Nothing has grown since then. They ruined my life, I lost my mango stall, my wife and three children left me, I couldn't look after them. Ma Procop took my business, I hate her, I want her destroyed!" P.C. Brown handcuffed Leonard and took him outside. The sound of sirens came out of no where, but assured P.C. Brown. As the police cars slowed down, Leonard broke down, he fell to his knees and facing Ma Procop said "I'm so sorry, really sorry I got you mixed up in this mess. I just wanted your beautiful mangoes." Cassandra Angell 11EGB Mango Tree - 3 - 11/02/04 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Tom Leonard: from Unrelated Incidents section.

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