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"Manwatching" by Georgia Garrett and "First Ice" by Andrei Voznesensky

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Compare and Contrast "Manwatching" by Georgia Garrett and "First Ice" by Andrei Voznesensky We have analysed two poems about rejection and Betrayal. Although both have similar themes, the atmospheres are different. In "Manwatching" by Georgia Garrett, the first poem we looked at, the feeling was of anger and betrayal whereas in "First Ice" by Andrei Voznesensky the feelings were of hurt and loneliness. In "Manwatching" a girl is at a party. She is watching her boyfriend looking at another girl. The Girl is watching the two people flirting and feeling angry and betrayed. In "First Ice" It is describing the moment after a girl has been rejected by a partner. It doesn't tell you anything about how the rejection came about, it describes the girl and the feeling of coldness and loneliness. The titles of both poems are in context. They don't lead you to think that what happens is going to happen. I thought that "Manwatching" suggests stalking not knowing someone and watching them closely. Its suggested to me that it could have something to do with assassination and killing. "First ice" tells you it is the first time something has happened. It also references the cold weather. I thought it might be to do with the first frost of Winter when I first saw the title. Once I had read both poems I found that "Manwatching" was about a girl watching her boyfriend flirting without words "telegraphs" to another girl. Therefore the title is to do with how she is watching him. ...read more.


The structure of the two poems is very different. In "Manwatching" it is in one long verse-paragraph. This is because it is happening over a long period of time. The lines start off short get longer towards the middle and then get shorter again at the end. I think this is because the middle is where everything happens. Long lines like "I can't see your face, but you are mesmerised I expect" draws attention to it and to the whole section because it draws your eye and stands out against other shorter lines. IT makes the time that it happens in slow down as if everyone else has frozen but she is still there watching him. She is as "mesmerised" by the two of them as they are each other. The short lines like "watching her" and "so we go" shows her actions, "I think not" the shortest line of the poem sows how she feels and what she is thinking and it is a stronger statement than saying "I don't think so" it creates a sense of sarcasm and you can tell that she would say it with a mean, sarcastic harsh tone of voice. In "First ice" the structure of the poem is more fragmented to reflect how she is feeling, It shows her emotions are broken up and in pieces. Its has been split up in two four blocks the first being the longest with six lines. I think this is because it is describing her and what she is like. It is a build up of what is to come. ...read more.


Both feel lonely in their situations but the girl in "First ice" she has no one to speak to or to help her. In "First ice" the poem is written in a way that we have to guess what has happened. It doesn't tell a story like the other poem does. You know exactly what has happened in "Manwatching". The scene has been set out for the reader. In "first ice" you don't know exactly what is going on so leaves it to your imagination. "Manwatching is written from inside the girls head so shows her point of view. The two poems are both about love, hurt and betrayal. I thought that the poem by Andrei Voznesensky had a stronger impact on me because it made me think and become involved with the poem. I think that the emotions are stronger. The girls feelings are of hurt. In "Manwatching" the feelings are of anger. Because both poems are written in different ways both are effective because "Manwatching" is a story it tells you what is going on and involves you in that way whereas in "First ice" it is the complete opposite and all you know about the setting is that its in a phone box in the cold so you are left to use your imagination making you think and making you involved. "first ice" makes you think so in my opinion is better and involves you more. For me it creates a stronger sense of reality and more people can probably relate to what it happening in "first ice than in "Manwatching". ...read more.

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