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Many characters in 'Of Mice and Men' are shown to be lonely. Write about how Steinbeck portrays loneliness within the novel.

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"Of Mice and Men" Coursework Many characters in 'Of Mice and Men' are shown to be lonely. Write about how Steinbeck portrays loneliness within the novel. In 'Of Mice and Men' the author, Steinbeck, has presented many of his characters as being lonely. He has intentionally set the novel in Soledad, which in Spanish means 'our lady of loneliness'. This setting gives the added effect of loneliness, as the place itself is pretty bland and spacious. As his novel was set in the 1930's many people at that time were trying to live out the "American Dream". These people wanted better lives for themselves and their families. Like George and Lennie these people would dream about there "little house" and "a couple of acres" they might own. However this dream abruptly ended for many people due to the Great Depression. This Depression led to large numbers of migrant workers like George and Lennie. This people quickly became "the loneliest guys in the world" because they had no friends or family. John Steinbeck's novel has a strong of friendship throughout. ...read more.


Candy, because of his dream has made him not so lonely anymore because of the other people he shares his dream with. I think that Steinbeck is giving the impression that the dreams the people had actually brings them together and cures their loneliness. Finally Lennie and George are not really "the loneliest guys in the world". George and Lennie like the other ranch workers need each other. Because Lennie and George are always together in the novel the reader begins to think of them as two parts of the same whole. Steinbeck did this for a purpose. The intention being that the one thing that made Lennie and George close was their dream but infact it was there dream that pulled them apart. Lennie constantly fantasized about tending the rabbits, so when Curleys wife invited Lennie to stroke her hair Lennie' dream fantasies started again. Lennie was enjoying stroking her hair so much he did it harder and ultimately ended up killing her. George had no choice but to shoot Lennie and if he didn't the other worker would "shoot 'im". ...read more.


This shows the reader that the people on the ranch haven't had a strong relationship with anyone for a long time because they don't understand why George and Lennie are close. Different people on the ranch had different ideas about loneliness. For example Crooks believes if "a guy gets too lonely, he gets sick". What Crooks is saying is that you get depressed. I think Steinbeck is trying to tell us that know matter what colour or race we are, we all have feelings and we all get lonely. That's why I think Crook's speech to Lennie is really a plea of help. Crooks wants companionship. The main catalyst for uniting various characters is that they share the same dream that they were "gonna get a little place an' live of the fatta the lan". This dream of the men would have an impact on the reader. The reader would now see that they have found companionship. They all share the same dream and all want to help each other to make it possible. In conclusion I believe that friendship is closely linked with loneliness. As you can see the people on the ranch that have friends somehow become lonely weather it's though Lennie's death or another additional cause. Sean Toomey 10 More ...read more.

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