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Many of the poems explore feelings parents and children have for each other, examine On My First Sonne and compare it with two other poems, one by Catherine Anne Duffy and one by Simon Armitage

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Many of the poems explore feelings parents and children have for each other, examine "On My First Sonne" and compare it with two other poems, one by Catherine Anne Duffy and one by Simon Armitage Poems that explore feelings parents and children have for each other are On My First Sonne by Ben Johnson 1616, Kid by Simon Armitage, and Before You Were Mine by Carol Anne Duffy. On My First Sonne is a farthers elegy about his dead son. In it he is saying farewell to his beloved son and trying to a way of coping with all his feelings of pain and grief without showing too much emotion, this poem is him trying to find a way to deal with his pain. He starts the poem by saying: "Farewell, thou child of my right hand, and joy..." This is him being very accepting of what has happened as he uses the phrase "farewell" where he could have used a word of similar meaning like goodbye. Farewell has a different meaning however as it shows the persona felt ready to let his son go whereas to say goodbye is cutting a meeting or time together short. This is slightly ironic as it is his 7 year old son and shows he is trying to put on a front and not showing his true emotion in this poem. ...read more.


Like On My First Sonne it is only one stanza long giving it a rhythm of one long continuous story instead of being broken down into sections. This lets the story flow better and is seen to be only part of a longer story; in this case he is telling what did happen and then what is going to happen, the end of the poem is by no means the end of his story. in On My First Sonne we again only get a part of a longer story however the difference is this is the last stanza of the personas story. they are similar in that they are both starting over with something new. The difference is the future is bright for Robbin but gloomy for the other. This poem again can be connected to a main theme of the story by the way it is written, like in On My First Sonne it was made to be like a gravestone, this poem is made to be similar to the batman theme tune. This is done by every line ending in er like the tune and there being the same amount of lines as there are "duns" in the theme tune. In this poem it does this to say look I can be as good as you this is what I'm going to be. ...read more.


holding her back and as she is saying it so far ahead of when it happened it seems it has been a big issue which she has not been able to talk about in the past. It shows some feelings and emotions between parents and children cannot be truly expressed without time and in the other two poems not enough time has passed. In On My First Sonne he barely contemplates the thought as it has so recently occurred. In Kid the persona has come a long way to stand up and admit what situation he was in but he is still to accept what has happened without being bitter or having to put on a front to people. Before You Were Mine however shows exactly what the child has thought for a very long time but has only just plucked up the courage to admit this is how she feels. In conclusion these poems are all similar in the way they talk of family and memories with an air of regret at the way they have acted at some point or other. It shows in all how powerless children are as we see through the eyes of three different personas the struggle that the child has faced, either in the first or the third person. They show how these problems can be dealt with at different stages in life and how much it affects a person. ?? ?? ?? ?? Emma Elphick 1 ...read more.

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