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Many people argue that Lord of the Flies is a fable or allegory. This was William Golding's intention. What do you think is the novels message and how successful is the writer is conveying it?

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Lord of the flies- Extended Response Many people argue that Lord of the Flies is a fable or allegory. This was William Golding's intention. What do you think is the novels message and how successful is the writer is conveying it? William Golding has successfully conveyed the message of Lord of the Flies to the reader. The novel portrays the malicious nature of mankind, through the use of symbolism, where the author makes use of details with second meanings. Throughout the novel, symbolism, which is of both characters and other significant objects, is used, in order to stress the novels message. Lord of the Flies is a story that begins in the aftermath of a plane crash in the Pacific Ocean during a war, in which a group of English schoolboys are isolated on an island. They are under no adult supervision and are left to fend for themselves, create their own friendships and fight their own battles. As the story unfolds the boys develop a miniature society in which they try to include rules and order, but each with their own ideas of right and wrong, and sometimes totally different priorities, difficulties arise, and their little community collapses. ...read more.


The other boys become less convinced in the reliability of Ralph and so order and society deteriorates. Towards the end of the novel, Ralph is forced into independence and his more responsible behaviour sets him apart from the other savage boys and makes it difficult for him to realize and accept the changes they are undergoing. Conversely to Ralph, there is Jack. "There was the brilliant world of hunting, tactics, fierce exhilaration, skill; and there was the world of longing and baffled commonsense." Chapter 4(Taken from the point in the story when Jack has been hunting and let the fire out, and at the same time a ship has been seen on the horizon) This depicts clearly where the difference between Jack and Ralph lies. Jack and his tribe epitomise anarchy. The way in which Jack changes throughout the novel signifies the ways in which mankind can change to be immoral. His characteristics reveal him as a military figure. The freedom offered to Jack by the island allows him to express the darker sides of his personality that were reserved by the principles of his past environment. His malicious and arrogant personality makes it possible for him to quickly degenerate into a savage. ...read more.


This is done through their first being broken and then stolen by Jack. Evil that is found within man however is shown through the beast. Even though the children were all aware that such a beast exists, none of them, with the exception of Simon realise that it lies within them. The beast is manifested in three forms throughout the story, and constantly frightens the littleuns. The Lord of the Flies represents the beast's danger and power. In the story the panic and decay that takes place is symbolised by the pig's head. The novel's message is effectively created to make the book a fable, by using a wide range of symbolism and hidden meanings throughout the book. We are shown in the book that not everyone has so much evil hidden inside them as to become complete savages when released from the boundaries of our society. The isolation of the island allowed for changes and for their true selves to be revealed. From all three characters we can see that under the same circumstances, different individuals can develop in different ways depending on factors within themselves. However, above all, the novel's message is successfully stressed to the reader as being the malicious nature of mankind. Ellie Slee 4.1 Page 1 Final draft - R3 (Prose) ...read more.

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