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MANY YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE CONCERNS ABOUT THE WORLD IN WHICH THEY LIVE. WRITE INFORMATIVELY ABOUT ONE OR MORE OF YOUR CONCERNS AND EXPLAIN THE REASONS FOR THEM. (27 MARKS) Problems in this world, where do I start? Years ago I doubt my list would be as long but in today's society, I do believe that we should start to worry about the next generation; our children. In the days of flared jeans and flowered shirts, everyone seemed so footloose and fancy free, or maybe that's just a warped understanding of mine, highly influenced by the media. In my opinion the media is the root of all evil in this world, the cause of the majority of today's problems. The media affects all aspects of life by a large, from the way we find things out, to the way today's youths entertain themselves. I find it beautiful that children in Africa are unspoiled! They play with each other, singing and dancing just like old times in fortunate countries like England. Yet here in the 21st century I find young children sitting in front of a box being taught how to speak in the most appalling manner. "Eh Oh," I feel enough is said. To add to this farce of so-called educational programs, I hear of parents swearing at their children. ...read more.


Instead of inspiring voluptuous models such as Marilyn Monroe, all we see is featherweight girls flaunting their skin and bone, because let's face it, its nothing more. A few months ago the rumor was that models under a certain size would not be allowed to parade along the catwalk, however I still find myself asking: 'what size is too small, size 0?' because I don't see any difference in the size of catwalk models. I also cannot forget movies around the world; they include more and more violence, sexual harassment scenes and other explicit content. Young people, who don't have enough basic principles of life, will take such information from the media, as the accepted way of life. Eventually churning out products of today's mishaps, creating a world I hope I never live to see. The media doesn't just stop at influencing how teens look, but also how they speak and behave. Comedy is not about humor anymore. It has turned into sarcasm. Jokes are made out of anything and everything; religion, disabled people, gay people, people of colour, everything. And the problem is the media seems to show its audience that this is the cool thing to do. So now, as we can see, there are lots of teenagers around the world who speak sarcastically to each other, using offensive, slang words all too often causing unrest within cities, starting street fights and other atrocities. ...read more.


I'll openly admit to not doing so. And there is also a certain age you have to be to use such sites; but even a half-wit can work out what their birth date would be if they were 16. Consequently the number of 12 year olds using such menacing sites is on the increase, encouraging the sick individuals of this world to pry on innocent young faces; posing as someone of their age, grooming them into a possible meet. We complain about child pornography and such but these children are essentially fueling such a disgusting habit, a harsh but true fact. I understand that these untoward characters have their own means and ways of finding such warped material but 'Myspace' and 'Faceparty' must be a playground for them! On the other hand, I understand that the media is an excellent source of information, whether it is websites such as 'GCSE bitesize revision' or TV programs such as '15 to 1,' the media is undoubtedly education at our fingertips. But we definitely need to learn separate the wheat from the chaff, if we don't the quality of our children's lives is definitely in question! The media is dictating our lives from what we should say to how we should dress, it is controlling our lives whether we like it or not, we need to take more care. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jade Hewitt ...read more.

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