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Marathon run-Speaking and listening/descriptive writing

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A Hard Effort An ominous task looms large ahead of me. The weight of expectation is on my shoulders. There is an unimaginable amount of self pressure created on myself to win. I have a desire to win, I want to win and that's why I'm going to give it my utter best. People said it was impossible for me to win this marathon, I was cruelly criticised that I was either "too short in size" or "far too young to compete". Although there was so much doubt on my participation, despite this I still remained as eager as ever to win the gold medal. Blistering and blaring sun was pouring humid heat on me and there was a sense that I could possibly be a victim of dreadful dehydration. The sky was as clear as crystal, not a single cloud was in sky which suggested that I wasn't to be treated to the luxury of overcast clouds or any rain. ...read more.


My heart was pounding as if it attempted to break out of the rib cage. My stomach started to develop painful cramps, which felt like an excalibur being stabbed into my chest. My throat was as dry as a bone and I was dreaming of myself in the spring of heaven as the spit in my throat gradually started to block my throat. The worst was yet to come; in hardly any time two other athletes had overtaken me, what was astounding was how elegantly and swiftly their run was. Both of the athletes showed no sign of tenderness or pain. Both these athletes continued to widen the gap as they started to accelerate like a racing car; I was looking down the barrel and heading towards the bronze medal. Would I even be able to attain bronze? Everlastingly long, the finish line never seemed to come. ...read more.


A medic then came to help by placing me in an ambulance and then by supplying me with Oxygen. I felt reviled and rescued, the race was over and I was now recovering and in the next couple of minutes I was going to be presented my bronze medal. Even though I had not won the bronze medal which I had initially aspired for, I realised that winning the gold was beyond my capability. I had given a hundred percent, my absolute best and I was satisfied with my effort. I was content. From this day on my idea of success had changed. What I had realised is that being a champion isn't necessarily being on top, it's also about commitment and in the race I was committed, I gave it my best effort, I took it in the right spirit, I was sheer delighted with my result and therefore I am a champion. ?? ?? ?? ?? Adil Cader - Year 11 GCSE English Descriptive Writing Coursework ...read more.

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