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Marcus Brutus character profile:

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Marcus Brutus character profile: In the famous Shakespearean play 'Julius Caesar', Shakespeare leads us to an understanding of the different characteristics features of Marcus Brutus. In addition, he exposes his weakness and his love for Rome. In the opening acts of Julius Caesar we see, that Brutus is a man who is easily manipulated at times. This is shown through this quotation after he read the false complaint letters sent by Cassius: "It must be by his death, And for my part I know no personal cause to spurn at him but to the general good" The model verb in this sentence shows Brutus' determination, in killing Caesar. Despite the fact that Caesar is his best friend, he feels that Caesar is being endangering the Roman Empire, with his ambition for power. ...read more.


It portrays the fact that Brutus is trustworthy and a person who strongly believe in the virtue of honesty. Furthermore this quotation represent the fact that an oath will surely follow betray, as only those who can not trust will surly betray each other. It's ironic that such a quotation comes from Brutus who has declared his loyalty and friendship to Caesar. This makes characters more realistic, for all men must break their own rules. For as people say rules are only ever made to be broken. Thus an oath is like the same effect. In Act IV we again see his honor, and his love for the peasants. He says this in response Cassius actions in bribing: "I had rather coin my hear, And drop my blood for drachmaes than wring from hands of peasants their vile trash" Once again we see that Brutus in high in honor and loves the Roman Citizens very much. ...read more.


This proven by the fact that Anthony betrayed Brutus by causing a riot when he said this: "...Brutus says he was ambitious... ...Brutus is and honorable man... ...Brutus says he was ambitious... ...Brutus is and honorable man..." Due to his trust of Anthony he allowed him to speak, thinking that it will give them more popularity. The result was a completely the inverse, as Anthony manipulated the crowd into turning their back upon Brutus. The repetition of ambitious causes the word to lose much of its force among the people. Likewise, Anthony says honorable in a sarcastic way which causing the word to mean the complete inverse after he finished his speech. We clearly see Brutus main mistake in his character. He is too trustful of others which have mainly resulted in his defeat to Anthony at the end. ...read more.

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