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Marijuana should be legalized

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Marijuana should be legal Should marijuana be legal? This is a huge issue that people had discussed about for many years, and a lot of people had use strong-effective arguments to prove what they believe. Although marijuana can cause many health problems to people, such as lung cancers and mouth cancers, it doesn't mean that marijuana is something bad. For example, marijuana can create medical and economic benefits to government and the citizens. Despite the damages marijuana would cause to our body, I still think it should still be legal. Now I am going to raise some points and arguments that I found during the research of the debate, to prove what I believe in- marijuana should be legal! ...read more.


Because we currently spend 3.3 billions of dollars every year to chase marijuana users. So if marijuana were legal, we would have more money to spend on important problems, such as health care and education. * Marijuana can be used as medicine to reduce pain from our body, especially for cancer and AIDS patients, which can helps to stimulate appetite and relieve nausea. Marijuana can also benefit 90% of glaucoma patients and is two to three times as effective as any current medicines. Marijuana also has less side effects caused by prescription drugs. So if marijuana is legal, it can use as a really good medicine for many diseases. ...read more.


So I think that the marijuana would be cheaper to buy if it is legal. After reading all these statements and points, I think you might get the basic idea of why is it important to let marijuana be legal. There might be more powerful arguments for marijuana shouldn't be legal, but whatever happens, I would always use one word to answer this problem- "Yes," because it is really important to let marijuana to become a legal drug, and people, or even you would have many good opportunities and changes in your life if marijuana is legal. So consider the problem again, and support me to let marijuana become a legal drug. Thank you very much. ...read more.

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