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Mark Twain once said, "Every piece of writing is influenced by a once-written piece…it is not derivative if the matter is arranged in a manner that relates to the readers of those times" - The Matrix review.

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Mark Twain once said, "Every piece of writing is influenced by a once-written piece...it is not derivative if the matter is arranged in a manner that relates to the readers of those times." This quote may have very well been worded exclusively for the Wachowski brothers (writers of The Matrix). To the general viewer, The Matrix is a movie on how mankind has lost all its individual senses to the power of technology. The remarkable special effects combined with the thought-provoking dialogues seem brilliant to the common viewer. Even though there is no doubt that the special effects are truly innovative, the thought processes put into the provocative dialogues and ideas of the movie have begun centuries ago. Nevertheless, these ideas have been so expertly incorporated into a modern package that many people outright disagree that the Wachowski brothers have been influenced by a couple of clever people who put their thoughts to paper a hundred years ago. ...read more.


If on one hand a philosopher influenced the Wachowski brothers, then on the other hand, a scientist, namely Einstein also has a certain amount of influence on them. Einstein's theory of 'cocoon contentment' has been used to explain why people are caught in the Matrix and actually prefer being imprisoned in it rather than face reality. The viewer is made to speculate about the importance of knowing the difference between what's real and what's not, when Cypher, over a dinner of juicy steak, says: You know, I know that this steak doesn't exist. I know when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, do you know what I've realized? Ignorance is bliss. Einstein explains such behaviour as "humans [believing] that easy is good while change is bad." For mankind, it's easy to simply accept what they see while its difficult and nerve wrecking to search for something they have never envisioned. ...read more.


The package that it is presented in is what counts. The Wachowski brothers have intelligently brought some century old philosophies together in a contemporary package. Many people may read or study these age-old theories in their every day life. A few even understand and enjoy them. However, when it comes to an average common man, such theories serve no importance. Therefore, seeing them in a format as that seen in The Matrix, they are made to think about important questions of life that they would not be bothered about otherwise. Plus, for the people who would like to choose the blue pill and not ever look beyond the accepted, there are always the incredible special effects and action sequences. This is where the Wachowski brothers show their ingenuity. They have kept in mind all the types of audience in the present-day world. To quote Mark Twain again, "...a remarkable writer is he who will pick from here and pick from there but you might never be able to tell. Tell if may, you will be nothing short of amazed." 2 ...read more.

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