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Marriage for Christians

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Marriage Marriage for Christians means that marriage is a sign for all to see of God's faithful love, that marriage is an exclusive relationship, marriage should be life giving with expecting children from god, also Christian believe that marriage is having someone to fall back on when you except each other when you get married which is stated 'For better or for worse ', and consultant communication which comes from respect for one another to listen to the other's need and points of view on things, to forgive them and to have a responsible attitude to parenthood. Marriage for Christians also means that that parenthood is the most privilege right in marriage for humans. Marriage is a sacrament to gods love. The love of a man to his wife, is compared to the love of Christ to his church. The marriage ceremony is preformed in public for everyone to see. The permanence of marriage was thought by Christ and should be a lifelong commitment. Each couple who marries should exclude all others and be faithful to each other. Marriage is also a life giving relationship when a couple have children it shows their love for each other, the couple then show their love for their family by being good responsible parents. ...read more.


The vows also mean that you should give 100% to your partner and the marriage and they will love each other even if anything happened to one of them. The exchange of rings is a sign of love and fidelity that the partners have sweared to their selves as a life long and a permanent relationship. The ring is a token to each other saying that there love will never die. The blessing to the couple is given after the prayer 'our father' the priest then says to the bride 'Let us pray for this woman give her love and peace, may her husband recognise that she is equal and her with him to the life of god, may he always honour her and love her as the Christ loves his bride the church, keep them faithful to one another and let them live examples of Christian life' this means that the husband should love his wife as a model of love that Christ gives to his people and that the marriage is all about faithfulness to one another. Christian view on divorce is that you should not divorce ever and you should only have one marriage and stick to that one marriage, because when you get married there should be no room for divorce. ...read more.


Sometimes when people are young they want to party and have fun but as they get older they will want to settle down, Mature and stay in so one partner stays the same and the other moves on. Work can be a big strain, working away from home or lack of income can lead to neglect. Equally the loss of income and recharging your life style is not easy for either partner and leads to arguments. Marriage is a sacrament but if you can show the above bonds do not exist a marriage can be annulled. I agree that sex before marriage should not be allowed because if you have sex before marriage it will start to get typical and when you come to get married it wont be any fun at all because it will be just the same as before you weren't married, so there is nothing to look forward to so there wont be any excitement in their personal life. But if you want to live a steady life with your partner, it should be allowed so you can get use to what married life before you actually get married so you can be certain if you want to get married or not. But some people could be engaged for 5 years so some people could not wait 5 years without sex. Matthew Hudson ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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