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Martians at War with Woking.

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Martians at War with Woking A small town in London has now turned to rubble as Martians have landed. Extraterrestrial spaceships were recently spotted In the Woking district. Residents' lives have changes as the Martians 'spider like' weapons destroyed the local area. General information: In the past week alien spacecrafts are reported to have landed in Woking of the London area. Locals stood frightened at the landing point as they watched the spacecraft open and aliens appear, something resembling a small grey snake was said to have hovered through the air. A man involved in this incident was interviewed "I was standing there and a chill came over me, I could hear women screaming all around me". Not far from the river Thames, the Martians 'spider-like' machinery destroys everything in sight with their deadly heat rays, which are attached to their machines, the aliens were said to have constructed these machines upon emerging from their cylindrical crafts. ...read more.


As you know from earlier in this article there were small greyish snake like aliens that hovered through the air A women from Shepperton told us about the events "I was in Woking for the day and happened to see all the commotion and decided to go and look. There were alien crafts and I stood and watched as something big emerged from the craft, it looked like a greyish rounded bulk that was a size of a fully-grown bear. It seemed to be in pain as it slowly emerged from the craft". An old man spoke to us, "I've never in all my days seen anything like it. The thing had a face with big dark eyes, a V-Shaped mouth with a lipless brim and no chin. The Martian had long tentacles attached to it which acted as arms." ...read more.


These guns were called batteries and should be powerful enough to defeat the Martians." Later we spoke to Captain Rodgers, "Im sorry to say that General Stone's earlier comments were incorrect. The bodies have all been destroyed by the fearsome heat rays, many brave soldiers have been killed and my heart goes out to all of their families". The last we spoke to out of the military was Lutenet Frost, "I am glad to say, due to all of the top-of-the-range artillery, we have succeeded". Editorial: All that I have to say, as a reporter is thank God it's all over, or is it. This could happen again at any time, and we as humans, need to mend our ways. If we leave them alone, they will leave us alone. So be ready, but do your best to prevent it. Next time we may not be so lucky. ...read more.

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