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Mary Logan - author review

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Claire Reid Mary Logan is an inspirational character. She is a guiding force to her children, loving wife to her husband and a respectful and brave member of society. Until about the middle of the book, Mary Logan is a teacher in the local black school. Even after she has been fired she continues to teach her own children, not about education but about life and the struggles and personal torments each may go through. Mary Logan or 'Mama' as she is more familiarly named, has not been easily accepted by her community since she married David Logan fourteen years ago and still isn't. Ever since graduating from the Crandon Teacher Training School at nineteen and then being employed in 'Great faith' she was considered by many of the teachers as a 'disrupting maverick' because her ideas were too radical. Ideas such as the covering of the books. This incident occurred in chapter one and was one of the first to really give us a clear impression into the kind of woman Mary Logan is. By covering the offensive fronts of the books, Mama clearly refuses to accept things the way they are. ...read more.


In her dealings with her children she is always just and consistent, helping them develop a strong sense of family and self worth unlike Mr. Avery whom Mary thinks is 'failing in his duty to his son.' We see this evidently when she talks to her daughter Cassie after her experience in Strawberry. Mama takes time to explain the prejudices that underlie racist attitudes saying 'you have to accept the fact that in the world outside this house, things are not always as we would have them to be.' Mama explains prejudice used and also explains in a gentle but effective way to Cassie that 'everybody born on this earth is somebody and nobody, no matter what colour, is better than anybody else.' Mama also gives Cassie a lesson about the past, illuminating the family's past and their struggles. She is a caring mother who brings her children up right in the hope that they do not be influenced by the prejudice from whites but to accept everyone equally. In some ways this could be Mary Logan's own little contribution to the improvement of the world in the future. ...read more.


We hear from Cassie's description that Mama is a beautiful woman. With a 'slender body' and 'smell of sunshine and soap' Cassie feels her Mother is pretty. Mary Logan makes the best of what she has. She uses cardboard lining to disguise the worn out shoes, which Cassie felt 'uncomfortable for Mama.' She cares for the family very much so and has dinner ready when any are hungry, she uses half the ingredients so she will have enough for the next time, this shows Mama plans things out and genuinely cares. The points above all describe how Mary Logan is a strict but loving and understanding parent, a Brave, noble citizen and courageous teacher. I admire greatly how she gives up so much to offer a small part of pleasure to the lives of her children. In many ways Mama is unflawed, proving right in many circumstances and standing up for what she believes in. This woman is an inspiration to all blacks, mothers or people who find it hard to be recognized or respected. I feel she has done her best to bring up children who may be different and change the future, to accept people not by their skin colour or religion but by the content of their character. By Claire Reid ...read more.

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