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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

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Frankenstein The germ of Frankenstein was plotted in Mary Shelley's mind on a cold night of mid-winter. She went to Lord Byron who challenged her and John William to write a horror story. Byron wrote about vampires and Mary Shelley wrote about Frankenstein. This novel is about an obsessed scientist Victor who wanted to control over life and death. He was successful in his task when he gave life to a monster. As he was brought to life with the organs of a dead man, he looked more like an ancient mummy. Even Victor Frankenstein, his own creator was frightened of him and fled away from the laboratory. After sometime, the monster appears in Swiss Alps but all the humans reject him because of his non-human features. So, anger against humans was built in his heart and this lead to the tragic murders of Victor Frankenstein's best friend, little brother and wife. ...read more.


For example; at the beginning of chapter 5 the reader is drawn in by Victor's words; ''I collected the instruments of life around me.'' This shows the madness of Victor. Also, Shelley describes the rain as a source of horror in the night, because it ''Pattered dismally against the panes.'' The monster was a creature who was more than horrible. His yellow skin and watery eyes made him look terrible. Even his creator was horrified when the monster opened his eyes. For example; Victor says; ''The beauty of the dream has finished and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart.'' This shows how terrifying the monster was. As it was made from dead body's parts, he was uglier than a mummy endued with animation, and Victor says; ''No mortal could support the horror of that countenance.'' Mary Shelley has described Victor Frankenstein as an obsessed scientist. He is desperate for infusing life into an inanimate body. ...read more.


Moreover, evil people have same feelings, same needs as human beings. Audience have different reaction for this novel. Critics didn't like it at first because they thought that the people who do not belong to a social society should be treated in the same manner as the monster was treated. But the general public did like the novel and still do. Because they thought that everyone should be treated in the same way. There shall be no partition in the society. That is why Mary Shelley has written this book, so she can tell the whole society what to do with those people who are living creatures but are not like us. We should accept everyone with their natures and physical appearances. The way we should treat a living creature should be decided by looking at his heart rather than face. If some one is loving and caring, we should love and care for him. Hence, Mary Shelley has written the novel in a very impressive way, so she can tell the society how to treat different people around us. ...read more.

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