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Mary Shelly's Frankenstein is a story that explores issues of isolation, domestic affection and the many hardships of society

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Mary Shelly's Frankenstein and domestic affection Mary Shelly's Frankenstein is a story that explores issues of isolation, domestic affection and the many hardships of society, it was published in 1818. Mary shelly wrote the book two years before but had problems getting it published, as women did not have the power to publish novels, it was the males in society who had the power to publish novels at the time. During the time Mary shelly was writing the novel there had been a French revolution overseas in America and the Declaration of independence had been instated. Many of the characters in Frankenstein may portray the actions of the changes in the world at the time. Mary shelly explores the nature nurture debate through Victor the creature and the delaceys. The nature nurture argument addresses lots of different and conflicting views in the development of children. Many people believe that people are born evil and that there is nothing as parents they can do about it. But many believe this is laziness shown by the parents of that child and they believe that the child becomes good or evil, due to the amount of love and protective guidance given to the child from its Parents. Shelley teaches us all well the long-range effects of spoiling a child to the extreme in her novel Frankenstein. ...read more.


"I beheld the wretch- the miserable monster whom I created". Victor describes the creature as a 'wretch', this shows that Victor as a young child was shown love and affection but he is now incapable of showing the same love that was shown to him by his parent to the creature the baby that he has created. These adjectives describe the monster as physically ugly this is one of the reasons why victor rejects him, because he wanted to make a beautiful creature. Victor is also described as helpless and innocent and that he cannot fend for himself and he needs an older figure to be responsible for his actions and to keep him safe. Victor abandons the creature as soon as he realizes that he has made a mistake in trying to play god. But what has he abandoned he has abandoned a young inexperience, defenseless, innocent helpless creature. So again we see Victor being shown great love and domestic affection by his family. But when he grows up he is unable to show the same love and domestic affection towards the creature. Victor is brought up in a protective bubble when he is younger. "I was so guided by a silken cord that all seemed but one train of enjoyment for me". ...read more.


"I had admired the perfect form of my cottagers- their grace, beauty, and delicate complexions; but how was I terrified when I viewed myself in a transparent pool! At first I stared back, unable to believe that indeed I who was reflected in the mirror; and when I became fully convinced that I was in reality the monster that I am". He realizes that he is a monster and that he would never fit in if he wanted to have a family that loved him and nurtured him. He starts to realize that this is the end for his hopes of a normal life. The creature tries to be accepted into the family by speaking to the blind man, the blind man is oblivious to any faults the creature may have. Agatha fainted, and safie unable to attend his friend rushed out of the cottage. Felix darted forward and with a supernatural force tore me from his father, to whose knees I clung; in a transport of fury, he dashed me to the ground with a stick .I could have torn him limb form limb, as a lion rends the antelope. He now realizes that all hope is lost of ever finding a family that will love him and show him domestic affection and so wallows in self pity. He then burns down the delaceys house at it is a symbol of a nice warm family that he is not apart of so he destroys it. ...read more.

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